A I think that culture changes the experiences

A lot of people say that culture influences your personality including scientists, but why do they say that? Every single person reacts to culture differently right? I agree with the people that believe in the theory and I will hopefully convince you to agree with us too.Parents influence a personality. Of all things that children admire they admire their parents the most. “So father so son.” That is because the parents of children teach their children most of their knowledge, but it can also be that a child doesn’t grow up with their parents. The caretaker will have the same effect then. A culture can be strong but when a child’s parents barely do anything with their culture the child won’t either. The parents rarely or never speaking with their children can make them shy or even incapable of showing their emotions. Parents who are abusive may make their kid more mean. In the past people behaved in different ways and also had different personalities. That is because they had different cultures at the time. There were death sentences and the church had more power. In some cultures rich people saw the poor as rats and people like Columbus that discovered or explored America saw the natives as animals because of their different culture, which looked barbaric and mannerless for them. Social inequality was much bigger in the past. In the present we still have social inequality, but it is a lot less big than back then. People that had more money hated on the poor and the poor also hated the rich. Rich people didn’t believe that “a rich man is just a poor man with money”, they saw them as a different species all together!Now you know in what way people are influenced by culture, but how does it do that? I think that culture changes the experiences in your life and those experiences influence your personality greatly. For example if someone you were in a relationship with cheats on you and you find out can change your way of thinking to barely trust anyone ever again. A girl who got bullied by a bunch of guys may never be to a guy or even become sexist! Hopefully this article changed your view, because if it did, the experience of reading this changed your view of life and maybe even your personality a little bit. That’s pretty awesome isn’t it? That such a tiny thing as reading a text can change you. Even if you still don’t think that culture affects one’s personality after reading this, I hope I still changed your view a little bit by telling you about the past or maybe you think the parents paragraph was interesting.

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