A plaque in the blood streams. For that

A renowned theorist
claims that a woman’s sensuality is unpredictable, it changes every now and
then. Similarly, how attractive a woman is in a man’s point of view is never
constant at all. It has its peak and its lowest point, but what captures their
attention is the size of the breasts as well as the buttocks.

Just recently, issues
regarding large buttocks went viral on various social media platforms. Women scuttled
away to the nearest gym they could find just to obtain that butts men go crazy
about. When they achieved their goal, they take a picture of how big their
butts are and post them on various social media platforms particularly on Instagram.
So, why large butts are trending these days?

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These days we are on
the brink of changing the evolution of women, from fragile and slender girls to
women with enticing booty in addition to the slim waistline. This is neither
fad nor fashion. This is for real; study shows that big butt women are
healthier and smarter. This theory is backed by medical and health experts.

Once, a British health
and medical expert uncovered a remarkably outrageous report assuring women that
if they have fleshy buttocks then they must rejoice. Why? Because according to
a famous research big-butted women are more intelligent and healthy. Does it
ring a bell or not?

In addition to that
claim, experts say that excess fat tissues on the butts as well as the thighs
mean that the bad cholesterol level in the blood is low. Thus, it averts the build-up
of plaque in the blood streams. For that matter, those women having a pear-shaped
figure have a lesser tendency of acquiring diabetes. Fat cells from below the
waist work differently from those fat cells building up above the waist. Take
for instance, the fat cells below the waist, sheds gradually than those fat tissues
in the abdomen; thus discharge less destructive elements.

The mortality rate
of wide-hipped women is low, that women who have wide hips live longer according
to studies. Women that have wide hips are complimented with a large amount of Leptin
hormone that regulates weight; in addition, a generous amount of Adiponectin
hormone is also present. This hormone helps in altering stomach disorder and
blood vessel illnesses.

The above mentioned is
not just the only advantages a big buttock-women enjoy. It was found out that
women who have wide hips are producing intelligent children compared to those
thin women. Scientists later discovered that this occurrence is associated with
excessive omega-3 fats. These fats build up in the buttocks and thus play a vital
function in the development of the brain.


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