A caretackers of children, husband and other members


study on job satisfaction of women workers in fireworks in sivakasi taluk


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            The development of any nation
primarily depends upon its industrial development, which makes rich
contribution to the growth of a nation. The economic role played by women
cannot be isolated from the framework of development. Women workers remain
significantly poor and are far less legally protected. The choice available to
women in developing countries are even starker, and they are oftenq forced to
sell their limited time in extremely poorly paid and poorly protected
employment. The informal economy, with labour-intensive technologies and harsh
working conditions, tends to absorb most of these workers. Although these jobs
might be euphemistically considered flexible, they are coupled with
considerable work related hazards. The essential difference between women and
men workers clearly lies in the multiple labour roles that women are forced to
take on as workers and primary caretackers of children, husband and other members
of an extended family. The spectre of unpaid work also looms large.

role of women in socio-economic development has undergone a marked change over
the years. The world of women is no longer confined to household activities.
Today, they actively contribute to the promotion of economic development in
different capacities. The contribution of women to economic development is
gauged by their work participation rate. There are reasons for the increased
role of women entering the labour market. There is evidence to show that women
participation in the labour market in India is mostly in response to economic
need. The nation is committed to a steady improvement in the status of women
and one of the most important means would be to secure for them a fair share of
employment opportunities. Women workers are also encouraged to participate in
organisational work to safeguard their own interest. The structural changes in
the economy and decay of traditional industries and services have displaced
women workers on a large scale. The Industrial development also contributes to
urbanization as it spreads everywhere and these indirectly awakens the rural
illiterates. Firework industries are one of the traditional industries in
sivakasi. A large portion of these industries is located in Sivakasi. The
development of firework industries has paved the way for the emergence of other
ancillary industries such as chemical industries, cardboard items, waste paper
cutting, punching and trading business and so on. The firework industries play
a dominant role in the development of ancillary industries and raising the
standard of living of people. The firework industry is highly labour-intensive.
They give employment opportunity to more and more people directly and

Job satisfaction is a general attitude towards
one’s job, the difference between the amount of reward workers receive and the
amount they believe they should receive. Employee is a backbone of every
organization, without employee, no work can be done. Therefore, employee’s
satisfaction is very important. Employees will be more satisfied if they get
what they expected, job satisfaction relates to inner feelings of workers. As
sivakasi is famous for fireworks industries, the main aim of this study is to analyze
the satisfaction level of fireworks women employees. The organization may give
importance to certain factors such as Canteen, rest room facilities, rewards,
recognition and promotion policy so that satisfaction of the employees may be
improved further.


industry’s development depends up on the satisfaction of the employees.
Sivakasi is a fast growing town in virudhunagar district with commercial and
industrial activities comprising large number of firework industries. Fireworks
are one of the labour intensive industries. This industry mainly depends up on
women workers than up on men. Most of the women workers come for work to tide
over their economic difficulties and supplement their family income. They are
facing many problems at work spot such as bad working conditions, welfare
facilities and so on. Women employees play an important role, so women
employee’s satisfaction is a very essential one; hence, there arises a need to
study the job satisfaction of fire-works industry in women employees.


1.      To know the socio economic profile of the women worker in fireworks

2.      To analysis the Opinion Regarding the Job Satisfaction of the Women
Employees in Fireworks Industries.

3.      To know the problems of women workers in firework industry.

4.      To
suggest some measures for improving the satisfaction level of the women employees.


R.Soundara valli
in her study,” Living conditions of workers in Fireworks” observed that the
socio-economic conditions of the women workers in the fireworks are poor.

V.Kumaravalli in her study on the,” Job
satisfaction of women workers in virudhunagar district” stressed that women
workers are satisfied with their job only up to medium level.

Mr.Jayaraj in his study titled,” A Study
on job satisfaction of the women workers in Firework industries at virudhunagar
district” has suggested that majority of the workers in the study units are
women. They are not given proper education in their childhood. He has suggested
some measures to promote their education.

S.Mariappan in his study on “Job
satisfaction of the women workers” has explained the living conditions, working
condition, welfare measures and industrial relations of the women workers in
the factories and stated that they are not good”

Mcafee, R. Bruce and Glassman, Myron in
their study, “Job satisfaction, conclude – “It?s the little things that count
and determine the factors influencing job satisfaction. An alignment of
employee wants, expectations and needs with what is actually received from the
job could enhance job satisfaction. They suggested that the managers should use
techniques to enhance employee satisfaction according to the job satisfaction
stage that the employee was in at the time.

Deepakkumar N. Parmar (2012) concludes
that ” job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing today?s
managers when it comes to managing their employess. Although thousands of
papers and research have been conducted on job satisfaction all over the world,
in the Republic of Macedonia this is one of the least studied research fields.
Many efforts are in place for the motivation of workers, while the level of
motivation has an impact on productivity, and hence also performance of business
organizations .There is a considerable impact of the employee?s perceptions for
the nature of his work and the overall job satisfaction. Financial compensation
has a great impact on the overall job satisfaction of employees.

D.Sinha in his
study,” Job Satisfaction in office and Manual workers” found that inadequate
salary and insufficient leave were the most frequent contributors to
dissatisfaction and that salary and security were more important to
dissatisfied workers than the satisfied workers.

C.L.Nataraj and A. Hajeez in their study
,” A Study of Job Satisfaction among Skilled Workers” have stated that skilled
workers are more highly satisfied workers than those in other categories.


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