A have described the key components of it.

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Last updated: June 9, 2019

A written art is a language representation of a spoken orgestural emotion. It is basically a medium of communication between people andit is a powerful tool for thinking and learning. This art is expressed invarious ways and one such way is essay writing.

In academic career, almost allthe students go through essay writings and it has various merits attached. Theproblem which students face in writing essays is to express their emotion tothe point. This somewhere results in a digression from the topic, leaving thereader disinterested. To further understand how to write a perfect essay, Ihave explained it in two parts and classified it accordingly. The first part ofthis essay elaborates on how to write any given essay and have described thekey components of it.

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The second part classifies different forms of an essay. For an essay to be impactful, it should have a properstructure. It starts with the title, introduction, body, and a conclusion. Itshould have an eye-catching title, it should be striking enough to raise aninterest among the readers. Next is the introduction, a common mistake whichmany students make is they include the conclusion in the introduction. Thisshould not be the case. The introduction should be crisp and relevant. The ideas are best understood if it’s factual.

Thus, thebody of an essay should provide substantial evidence to validate a quoted fact.Essay writing is best for learning and increasing knowledge. As this taskinvolves research work on the topic and getting in-depth knowledge about it.

Itgives knowledge that broadens an individual’s horizon. As technology hasinfiltrated in almost all the spheres of life, the students nowadays findbrainstorming ideas a tedious task. This is because of the availability ofinformation on varied internet devices.

So, they find EW a difficult task and alwaysbe skeptical of it. Also, due to availability and accessibility of a wide rangeof data, students often get confused as to what is important and this resultsin circumlocution. Thus, a clear understanding of the topic is required inorder to filter out any unnecessary content.Finally, for me, the most important part of an essay is theconclusion. Mostly, many students summarize the entire essay in this paragraphwith cliched content.

This is not what is required, conclusion demands for afinal opinion derived from the entire research and self-understanding. Itshould be brief, neat and well groomed. This structure is true for any given essay and must be present in allthe different types of essays mentioned below. Without this, the idea remainsundelivered and may even make a reader disinterested.

Further, there are many kinds of essay. Some are narrative,some are descriptive. Some require factual data and statistics, and somerequire comparisons and examples. Some are question-based and some are opinionbased. Mostly, narrative and descriptive essays are monologues in which theauthor narrates and describes a specific thought in detail. Informative essaysare the one which requires validating evidence using facts and figures to provea point. Comparative essays are dialogues in which the author elaborates twosides of the coin and concludes with his opinion, authors can also equivocatein comparative essays.

But there is another type of essay called persuasiveessays. Here, the author has a biased point of view towards his opinion andfetches the facts to strengthen his argument and persuade the reader to agreewith his point of view.Thus, these are the types of essays, each having theirunique way of presentation. However, this presentation is usually followed by athesis statement. The thesis statement is basically a nutshell of the laidtopic which falls in the introductory paragraph. Another important point in anacademic essay is the citation of all the references being used in thewrite-up.

Since plagiarism is a major concern, all the authors must takepreventive checks before submitting their final transcript of the academicpaper. Concluding, the essay should be having a well-definedstructure, a clear idea, necessary evidence and an authors’ take on the topic.If all these details are presented well, it would be considered an excellentacademic essay.


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