A am is not very perfect in using

A valuable lesson from a senior teacher for me.


That night I myself pensive while watching the moon so
shining, actually my mind again not calm, because it was almost three years I
studied but not yet able to master the lesson that became my target goal. so
one day I complained to a teacher who became my role model, and I told him
“Noble teacher, I would like to ask you some questions, would you answer
them?” My teacher smiled and said “I as a teacher will certainly help
all students who need guidance”, what do you want to ask? “Then with
a deep breath I started my question to find a solution in the problem that I

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Teacher, I’ve been studying here for almost three years, and
I’ve cost tens of millions, while I have not studied me, even 50% of that lesson,
and I feel very distressed by this condition, what should I do? . Then the
teacher looked at my face and said “Do you already have a focus on that
lesson, because if you still think of using time to joke around in class or
play with friends in all the time you have, then you will more difficult to
achieve the target lesson “I’m a little embarrassed to answer it, but it’s
true what my teacher asked, so far about 50% of my time to learn, more than
that I often talk with friends in the classroom.


Then I replied “My teacher, I am is not very perfect in
using my time to learn” Then the master replied “You will get be your
liking, if you want better then, increase learning and change the way you learn
a little”

Then I asked the master “what system should I use to
get my education on me quickly?” The teacher replied “You have to
memorize every day one lesson and that lesson should you repeat in every time
you all day, plese see you brother of your class who managed to get the overall
champion, he never to dry his mouth in repeating and memorizing. and one more,
do not eat too full because that make you to sleep and weak, do like this then
you will see the results “.


Then with a new spirit I started the system that was taught
by my master, and it turned out to produce great results, I quickly mastered my
lesson and the end I got a great class that year.


Will your students succeed in the system I have proven to
myself? The answer is try and I believe how many percent will give good

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