A Matter of Trust

In life, people that seem close to you are known to bring you down. Often in works of literature, a character must overcome an obstacle problem or evil force. In the book “A Matter of Trust” in the series “Bluford High” by Anne Schraff, the main character Darcy Wills faces a life obstacle. Darcy tries to find a solution of a conflict between her ex best friend Brisana Meeks, which she must fight to stop Brisana from interfering between Hakeem Randall and her relationship.

During the time she runs into problems at home, her grandma losing memory and going down fast.Darcy’s ather has been gone for a period of time; he left the family when the kids and now has come back for second chance. Though Darcy and the family aren’t ready to let the father into their lives.

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Mean while back in school, Darcy tries to help her boyfriend with a started issue that gets him and another classmate into serious trouble. Darcy’s struggles between the conflicts with family issues and relationship is wit Kadeem, and keeping them all sorted, but has to find a way to help herself first. Darcy is 17 years old at Bluford high school, and is a hardworking girl.She always down to help even with a busy schedule. She lives with her mother, her Sister Jamee, and her Grandmother, and is often the mother of the house.

Darcy’s mom works two jobs and she works late shifts, and Darcy is always there when she is not present at home. Darcy has a boy friend name Kadeem Randall, same age and class as she is. Kadeem and Darcy are always there for each other during good or bad times. Darcy enjoys Kadeem singing and guitar playing, and being with him if she gets the time to be.Though Darcy takes care of her grandma most often but doesn’t have a problem, but when she grows up she soon gets fed up.

Darcy faces practical problem with her grandma, because she is losing control day by day. Grandma Wills needs assist to do things, and she is always of need of someone. When mother, Jamee, or Darcy isn’t home they hire there neighbor, Mrs. Harris to watch over their grandmother. The family and friends enjoy Grandma taking care of grandma until the family go over there aunt house, Aunt Charlotte Home for dinner.Darcy describes Aunt Charlotte as a snobby, rich, and self centered woman. Aunt Charlotte shares to the family that taking care of grandma is tom much for Jamee and Darcy. The Darcy and the family fght back and vent their feelings about grandma and how much they love taking care of her.

Though Aunt Charlotte insists on sending grandma to a nursing home, also it gives her a chance to take Darcy on a trip to France. Though she nicely refuses the opportunity. During the problems at home Darcy faces more problems at school.Brisana, Darcy’s ex best friend used to be lose till Darcy started talking to the lower class people. The people that had no value in the class, though Darcy meant to couples Tarah and Cooper who are also friends with Kadeem, Darcy’s boyfriend. Brisana tries to get back at Darcy by getting in her relationship between Kadeem and her. One time after school Darcy caught Brisana on the back of Kadeem motorbike.

On top of that Darcy finds out a rumor that Brisana and Kadeem where seen swimming at the beach, watching the sunset. Though Darcy doesn’t let the rumor get to her, because she knew it was a lie all long.Meanwhile the most tragic issue that hits Darcy the most is the shooting at strutted issue he had. Kadeem was known as the stutter man in school because when he had to present or talk he always stutters. One day Kadeem ran across Roylin Bailey a bully at school that love to mock and tease people weaknesses. Roylin asked Darcy and Kadeem How come they weren’t invited to Tarah’s birthday cookout , though Kadeem hesitated and went off on Roylin and almost started a argument in school till the English teacher came and broke it up.

A few days later the cookout was happening, everyone was in enjoying the celebrating and moment. Till Kadeem and Tarah spot Roylin roll up in his dark teal-blue Honda. “A champagne-colored Nissan had come into the parking lot without anybody noticing it because all attention was on the fght.

” (Schraff, 58). Roylin and Kadeem had started a fght during the even till a Nissan started shooting at the people at the party no one got hurt but one person, Roylin. As Darcy must face these issues, her mange to try to find a solution for every ach one of them.After visiting her aunt she still kept taking care of grandma and still had time for Kadeem and her friends. And with Brisana she mange to talk things out by going to an ice cream parlor down her street. Brisana explain how she felt when Darcy left her for the other friends, but Darcy understood and work things out.

Last but not least after Roylin was shot Kadeem and Darcy went to the hospital and spotted Roylin’s mother with a handful of kids. Kadeem felt bad and took two of the kids toa play room.

Author: Daryl Harrison


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