A Message to Garcia Written by a Man Named Elbert Hubbard on February 22, 1899

A Message to Garcia This book was written by a man named Elbert Hubbard on February 22, 1899.

It was written in just one hour and was originally intended as a filler article in a magazine. The author actually thought so little of the essay that he ran it in the magazine with out a heading. The essay was such a hit it was quickly reprinted as a pamphlet and a book selling over 40 million copies. And it was also made into two different motion pictures.

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The article was a simple story of a man giving a very difficult task of delivering a message from president McKinley, to one of the leaders of the Cuban rebels, named Calixto Garcia e Iniquez. Who was located in the Oriente mountains. Since tensions were high with the Spanish(who than ruled Cuba) President McKinley wanted to make contact with the Cuban rebels because he thought they could be useful allies to have in case America went to war with the Spanish.

The story is of a man named Rowan who was giving a message and told to deliver it to Garcia and he didn’t ask any questions. He just said ok and made it happen. Rowan walked through the vast mountains of Cuba with out any knowledge of where Garcia was but somehow completed his mission. Rowan did not even ask, “where is he at? ” He just figured it out on his own. The book isn’t popular because of the story, It is popular because of the message it sends.

It is a motivating story of a man who strives for success.He never quits despite nearly an impossible mission. Doesn’t complain about the job he was giving, he just makes it happen. Now days people aren’t like that in my opinion. People always ask “why? ” or “why cant some one else do it? ”.

But those usually aren’t the successful ones. The ones who are successful, are the ones who work when the boss is away, don’t ask why, and are self-motivated and dependable just like Rowan. In conclusion A Message To Garcia is a great book and I think every one should read it at least once because it sends a great message



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