A divorced. A divorce in the family

A person will have to go through change in their life. Some may be small, some may be big. Children don’t like change. This can cause a bit of worry for people. Even moving home or school can change a child’s behaviour. So it’s vital for teachers to help the children go through these phases in their life so they can overcome these obstacles.
A lot of times children will either move home or school whilst they are studying. They will get older every year and eventually reach the age of puberty.
Also moving from primary to secondary school. This can bring about feelings of insecurity because the child does not know what they are going into. They will have to make new friends and the teachers will be different. This could affect their development socially as their environment has changed.
On the other hand, some children may have to go through a stage where someone has passed away in the family. Or their parents have divorced. A divorce in the family is not something every child has to go through. But when this does happen, it could potentially affect the child emotionally and have a huge impact in their studies. It will leave the child confused as to why this has happened. This leads to a lot of confusion and could lead to anger problems. This will affect their development socially, emotionally and behaviourally.
These transitions can cause anger for children and a lot of frustration. Children need guiding and these transitions can cause a lot of confusion. This can lead to worse problems developing in their personal lives and also affect their academic achievements. Their behaviour may change and may become emotional.
So it’s very important as practitioners to understand the child’s feelings and to respect them for what they are going through. We have to support them as much as possible and to show the children we are always there to help them in any need or difficulty. This is by explaining to them by using the appropriate language and to always ensure their confidentiality is maintained. Schools should have open days and question and answer sessions for students. This will give children an opportunity to talk about what’s going on and how they can solve situations in their life. This in turn would hopefully minimise any negative effects on their development.

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