A instability in the recent past, which has

 A Logical approach
is vital in fields such as Accounting, Economics, and finance. Thankfully,
Mathematics has been a great passion of mine since childhood and is the
language of pure logic and reasoning. The global economic challenges require
concerted effort through academic research and practice, that aim to find
lasting solutions to economic problems. In particular, the work placement I
secured in Libya, my country of birth, with the Libya Africa Investment
portfolio has shown me how Accounting,
Economics and Finance shape much of the world around us, and how the
information contained in Accounting statements convey much of the information
used for financing decisions. Libya has witnessed increased political
instability in the recent past, which has shaken the economic foundations of
the state. I had gained some knowledge of the economic trends of the country
during my work placement that is globally
relevant, as well as developed appreciation and interest in the subjects I
chose to study. 

the back injury I sustained playing Rugby more than two years ago, which has
prevented me from completing my studies on expected schedule and was a big
challenge to overcome, I never lost motivation. I chose to study independently
the subjects that have interested me, and I have developed positive attitudes
towards challenges that come with independent study and became more mature. 

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Mathematics has helped me develop my ability to approach problems
systematically and logically. It has improved my ability to analyse and solve problems as well
as disciplined me to think logically about problems, using appropriate steps to
arrive at the solution. In this regard, my passion for studying Mathematics has
not only helped me to tackle challenging problems in the other academic fields
I study but also in real life situations.

studying Economics at A-level I have developed my ability to understand models
made with some simplifying assumptions to give practical insights into the
complex real world. Besides, it has made me understand that there is rarely a
right answer to any economic situation but backing up my arguments with
concrete quantitative evidence gives clarifications and credibility to answers.
Indeed, the subject has sharpened my ability to critically evaluate information
and provide well-structured arguments.

has taught me how the complexity of business operations is summarised in
financial statements that convey much information about the strength of the
business and its profitability. It involves a different way of looking at
economic activity by expressing it in terms of assets, profitability, and
liquidity. Although Economics has taught me how the complex activity around us
can be summarised in models that simplify the complexity to understand the
relationship between various economic factors, Accounting translates the
complexity of firms operations into concise numbers. Doing A-level Accounting
has developed my ability to understand how accounting statements are produced
and what they mean.

academic life, I enjoy travelling and am heavily involved in sports, with Rugby being my greatest passion. I
have been playing since 2008, captaining my school team throughout high school
and obtaining several awards playing for school and for Didsbury TOC H Rugby Club.
Last year I took up UK American football, playing for the Manchester Titans
which earned both regional and national accolades. In addition, I have been
working for HMS Host, where I learnt to interact with a variety of different people with different experiences and
background. I am confident skills
I have picked up such as; determination, discipline and the ability to work
with different types of people, will help me succeed in University. In turn,
the skills I will pick up during university will help me fulfil my career

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