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A repeated of traffic loads on asphalt pavement created a permanent deformation that effect the performance of pavement. Due to repetitive movement applied traffic loading from the upper layer of pavement, permanent deformation is formed causes of rut formation in flexible pavement. For long term affect, dynamic creep is formed. This study will be focused on the effect of dynamic creep behavior of hot mix asphalt incorporating Forta-Fi fibre. Superpave mix design method will be adopted for preparing the asphalt specimens with Nominal Maximum aggregate Size (NMAS) 12.5mm. The mix will be prepared using bitumen 60/70 penetration grade and the optimum bitumen content (OBC) will be obtained for every percent of Forta-Fi fiber, 0%, 0.03%, 0.05% and 0.07% by weight of asphalt mixture. Dynamic creep test will be performed to identify the permanent deformation and creep stiffness of asphalt mixture at different test temperature. The test will be performed as outline in ASTM C117-136 by using UTM. The performance of the material under dynamic creep test was based on the result value of creep stiffness. As a result, the optimum value of percentage Forta-Fi fiber adding gives the least value of permanent deformation and shows that this Forta-Fi fibre can enhance the performance of asphalt strength.

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