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A traditional hero is one that abides by the law and follows the rules in order to protect a society and the people who live in it. A prime example of a traditional hero that does so is Spiderman. Spiderman is a fictional character who originated from the Marvel Comics and is displayed throughout media in film and television shows.

Peter Parker, the man who becomes spiderman, thought of the welfare and happiness of other people more than he thought about himself. At times when he was in battle, such as against the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom, the thought of him fighting for his own safety and security never came across his mind. Mr.

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Parker also known as Spider Man did what he had to do in order to save the lives of others.In doing so, Spiderman stayed in his own lane and denied himself a social life so that he could spend his days and nights fighting criminals and supervillains, and keep his city safe. As a hero, bravery is a key code that all heroes abide by in order to live up to their title. Spiderman has shown extraordinary bravery throughout each movie starring actor Tobey Maguire. Although he shows concern for other individuals, and has stressed out society, he never was perplexed for his own life.

Spider-man’s mind blowing bravery permits him to battle hoodlums successfully, since he never held back any of his capacities out of fear. Too, he shown bravery without his super powers. Indeed when his super-powers vanished, he kept an attempt to utilize them, at a greater risk on his life to himself. As a hero, he has to have a soothing personality towards everyone. Spider-man displays an immense amount of kindness to everyone around him. Even when he is Peter Parker, he shows an incredible amount of kindness and care for all of his peers.

Similar to other heroes, Peter trusts people and believe that there is good in everyone. In the first film, Peter gives his best friend Harry’s father a second chance when he turns out to be the evil Goblin supervillain who has been trying to kill him.


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