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Last updated: May 31, 2019

AMichigan Engineering education would allow me to leverage technologicalproblem-solving to improve the world we live in through the advanced faculty,research, and facilities it offers. Engineering education at Michigan isdesigned to produce leaders and support creativity.

 The education provided at Michigan is topclass, and effectively prepares students by teaching them the skills requiredto be successful in the working world.Michigan’sdiscoveries influence national and international forums on emerging issues inengineering, including topics like artificial intelligence, polymers and softmatter, biotechnology, and more. I find these issues very interesting, and Ibelieve that having the opportunity to work on such high-level research willprovide extremely valuable experiences to me and other students. Michigan haspartnerships with large industries. These partnerships are important to mebecause they allow for extensive research projects, co-ops, internships, andpossible job recruitments. Overall, I believe that Michigan will providevaluable experiences to students like myself, so that they become successful intheir future careers.Chemicalengineers apply principles of chemistry and math to solve problems related tothe production or use of chemicals and other products. The engineers designequipment for large scale manufacturing, and test production methods.

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I hope tosomeday work for a global company in which I can work with a team to solvecomplex chemical problems. Using my Michigan Education, I would like to improvethe world’s well being by developing significant advancement to a wide varietyof issues such as creating energy or treating disease. Chemical Engineers touchall aspects of life as they research problems surrounding the environment,materials, food production, and much more. I would like to be able to make animpact on society by helping to advance progress in these fields. Thepossibilities to job opportunities for chemical engineers are endless. Chemicalengineers work in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, business services, environmentalhealth, and much more. I would like to use my education to work on research orin manufacturing, rather than business. SubjectsI excel at in school include mathematics and chemistry, which are subjects thatchemical engineers rely on.

My education at Michigan will allow me to furtherhone my chemical knowledge and abilities so that I will be able to overcometechnical problems safely and economically in the workplace. Using my education,I will apply my technical knowledge, communication, and teamwork skills to meetchallenges I will face. Mygoal is to use my Michigan education to gain recognition within industry andsociety through hard work and research. Michigan is a great place to help mereach my goals as it provides many networking, scholarships, career placement,and education opportunities.


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