A valid contract needs to

A valid contract needs to have five essential elements to be legally enforceable including agreement, consideration, capacity, the genuineness of assent, and legality of purpose (McAdams & Zuchker & Neslund, 2015). When Jennifer Lawson was employed by Greene’s Jewelry Wholesale, she signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that she will not expose any information on how to create “Ever-Gold” (New Hampshire Trade Secret Act, 2011). If for any reason Lawson shares the information with another party, she will violate this enforceable contract.
New Hampshire adopted the New Hampshire Trade Secrets Law. This law protects trade secret from being exposed, sold or purchase (New Hampshire Trade Secret Act, 2011). Lawson violated this law by revealing Greene’s process of “Ever-Gold” to Howell. Therefore, under New Hampshire Trade Secret Law, Greene’s Jewelry Wholesale can seek an order or financial compensation since their trade secret was exposed and Howell created a similar product with the information they received from Jennifer Lawson.

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