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A Writing Process
A process is a key to better writing, and any writing needs method. My way of writing is probably unconventional than most people, I usually think about what I will write about and plan, then start the process of writing the essay right before the due date. It is not the best strategy, but that works for me the best. A writing process differs from a person to another, some like to start early and finish first and some like to wait till they have their theses or their title so they can write something from it, some other writing first then they will have their title and theses. The method is that I plan what I will write about first, then think about what to talk about in the opening paragraph, or I might just write without a plan, hoping that the words will flow. Sometimes, I really find it difficult to come up with words to type on a piece of paper, and other times the words just type themselves. Anne Lamott’s essay “Shitty First Drafts” is beneficial for students that stress about writing their first drafts, she explains that it is ok to have a bad draft and that professional writers have a hard time, I did not find her essay as useful as others.
Growing up writing the Arabic language was somewhat easy because it is my first language, I can explain what I mean and write about almost anything academically and in a non-academic way. The way I learned the English language was through movies so the language I had learned was nonacademic but more of conversational English. The writing method can be very irritating for me, due to the fact even after I have achieved my brainstorming and organizing, once I commence writing I will instantly begin crossing out what I wrote and changing sentences. This from time to time can make the writing process seem long and tedious, and is frequently very frustrating, however, by means of exploring and practising the exclusive steps of the writing process that works excellent for me I will able to produce well-written essays that communicate my intended message to my reader. In this essay, I will my writing process, in hopes of turning into a more knowledgeable writer and communicator, and will further increase my capability to create considerate and well-constructed essays. Because I agree with that writing is a talent that a person’s life, it is critical to recognize how to prepare, arrange and edit as it is beneficial in a myriad of situations. When opening to write an essay, I comprehend coaching is essential.
My initial task is picking a topic unless it is given. After determining a topic, I then generate a thesis statement, which should not only support the topic but prepare the reader for the contents of the essay. I then begin my next step which is usually brainstorming and doing research to expand my knowledge on the subject given or chosen topic. When I brainstorm, I get a piece of paper and pen to write down any ideas that come to mind. I then develop the jumbled mass of thoughts into a list of more complete ideas and points that I wish to address. My rough drafts are usually revised a couple of times, I find it frustrating when writing and not fixing mistakes. The last part of the prewriting stage for me is to outline. Outlining helps me to structure the paper and determine how I want all of my information to lay out. My outline will show where and what main points I want to include in each of my paragraphs. I am now ready to begin creating my rough draft; this is the most difficult process for me, as I have always experienced difficulty simply beginning to write the essay.

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