A. who will have picnic on their

A. Separation of Waste Materials in the Park
Waste Materials will be separated into four categories:
¬ Residual Waste
¬ Recyclable Waste
¬ Dry Paper Waste
¬ Biodegradables Waste
Waste Materials
Examples of Wastes
1. Residual Waste
Styrofoam, Candy Wrappers, Plastic / Foil Food Wrappers and Tetra Pak Boxes
2. Recyclable Waste
Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Plastic Cups, Glass Bottles, Straws and Plastic Utensils
3. Dry Paper Waste
White Paper, Newspaper, Folders, and Envelopes
4. Biodegradable Waste
Paper Plates, Paper cups, Tissue Paper, Wet Paper, Decayed Leaves and Food Scraps

B. Design of Garbage Receptacles
¬ Garbage Receptacles will be distributed around the park’s premises.
¬ Waste Management Guidelines will be posted around the area.
¬ Trash bins will be installed on a detachable container to easily remove garbage.
¬ Garbage receptacles will be made of recyclable aluminum, non-combustible, lightweight and corrosion resistant.
¬ All garbage bins will be coated using non-toxic paint and will be color coded categorized according to each waste classification: green for recyclables, red for residual wastes, blue for dry paper wastes and yellow for biodegradable wastes.
¬ Visitors will be responsible in segregating their wastes and bring it to the material recovery facility assisted by a local guide.
¬ Garbage bags will be provided to the visitors who will have picnic on their rafts.
¬ Wastes are to be collected and segregated by maintenance staff and the ENRO of the municipality of General Tinio will be collecting wastes on MNP’s dumpsite every other day.

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