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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Abortion is medically defined as the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development. Much politics surround the issue of abortion. Some people feel like it’s right while others don’t support the idea.

What matters is the reason why people go abortion. A huge percentage goes for abortion to avoid having to bring up a kid. In many instances, it’s never about the health of the mother. Legalizing abortion is like giving people permission and freedom to murder unborn babies anytime they feel like it. Some laws protect unborn babies, and they should be let protect human lives no matter the conception or age of the fetus. However, some cases might call for exemption, like in cases where the mother has health issues that are worsened by the baby or in case of rape.

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Abortion should be illegalized because murder is illegal, some laws should protect people like the unborn, abortion is dangerous for the woman’s body, every person should take responsibility for their actions, and the babies have right to live. Murder is illegal. Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being with some intent. Some states specify like California law states that it’s the deliberate intention to take away the life of a fellow creature. Basic science shows that a fetus is a human being. Therefore, aborting the unborn baby is taking away their life. As a society, we go wrong when we choose those vulnerable people and leave them at the mercy of irresponsible people who reward them by killing them. A fetus is an innocent human being, defenseless, voiceless and helpless.

A fetus carries a human life. If murder is illegal so should abortion. A person who kills a fellow human being has no difference with a mother who mercilessly kills her unborn baby (Berkov, 2014). She is the only person the baby will ever know. Killing the baby is like betraying the unborn child. Therefore, abortion should be illegalized, to avoid murdering of innocent, voiceless unborn babies. In the past laws were designed to protect classes of people like the unborn babies. This is included in the 14th amendment.

When they were adopting the 14th amendment abortion was already illegal or was in the process of being made illegal in many states. In the 1900s abortion was considered a felony in many states. Therefore the Congress didn’t see a reason as to why they should specify abortion as a crime or as illegal. During the debate on 14th amendment Jacob Howard, who was the then Senate sponsor said that every human life should be protected. Ever human life here includes the lives of the innocent unborn babies (Berkov, 2014). He stated that protecting every human life meant equality before the law; it gave life to the poorest, the most despised races, the humblest, and the voiceless and accorded same protection to the haughtiest, the richest and the most powerful. The law was to apply to all human beings lives, no matter their state. Therefore, the 14th amendment protects the unborn child as well.

Abortion is illegal according to the 14th amendment. There are federal laws that protect the unborn babies. For instance, the law of death penalty and unborn victims of violence act protect the unborn children. If a pregnant woman cannot be subjected to death penalty then why should free women be allowed to abort? The law declares that no unborn baby will be subjected to death, or to a crime the unborn child didn’t commit (Berkov, 2014). By committing abortion, women subject unborn children to crimes they didn’t commit. The baby is so innocent of the situation that led to their conception, or the state of the mother when they will bear.

Being conceived under unclear or doubtful situation doesn’t mean the baby will lead a poor life. In fact, most of them lead better lives than their parents. Therefore, mothers should consider allowing the children live, because they are protected by law.

 People should be responsible for what they do. Legalizing abortion encourages people to become irresponsible. The most significant percentage of people who seek abortion argue that they were not ready to get babies. This is quite wrong. The baby has a right to live. The unborn baby is a human being and should be protected by law.

Legalizing abortion permits the irresponsible people to get away with their irresponsibility. They view abortion as a way of solving a little problem, the baby. Strong feminist argues that women should not be given the legal permission to kill their children. The baby is so innocent; they only know the mother. The mother betrays the unborn baby by killing them, no matter the reason for the abortion. A mother should protect their babies, but if the turn to become the murderers of their babies, then that’s so evil. The law should manage ladies and parents and make them take responsibility for their actions. Allowing get away with their irresponsible behavior is so wrong.

People who have abortion seem to look at life so simply. Probably they think aborting is an easy thing; I wonder if they know the danger of aborting. Mothers should be responsible, under no circumstances should they endanger their babies’ lives and most of all kill them. The fetus is voiceless, innocent and the victim of the circumstances surrounding its birth and conception. Abortion doesn’t only take the life of the baby but also endangers the life of the unborn child. The aborting woman can die during the process.

Many people have died while aborting probably because of over bleeding. Women put their lives at risk when they opt for abortion. It is not a safe way of solving the problem at hand, be it in a hospital or not. Secondly, some people have reported that they couldn’t have any more babies after aborting. This means they cannot be called mothers if the aborted baby was the firstborn. Other people will look for an easy way to get rid of the baby only to create more problems.

For instance, ladies who have their wombs removed while trying to abort only make their life worse (Berkov, 2014). People lack knowledge about the dangers abortion can come with. They, therefore, choose to place their lives and bodies in the hands of doctors who don’t tell them what they might get during the process. The government has a responsibility of protecting the lives of all the people. A human baby has a right to live. Whether the baby is born or not, they deserve to be given a chance to live and enjoy what life has for them. Babies who are conceived under doubtful situations shouldn’t be aborted; they deserve to live like all human beings.

People shouldn’t argue that the baby will lead a poor life because the baby can even have a better life than the mother. Only people take their irresponsibility to the point of killing their children. Even the beasts in the forest always strive to protect their babies.

Human beings behave like the devil when they kill their children. The government of the day shouldn’t allow people to behave like beasts. It should take the initiative in protecting the unborn babies. It should be there for the innocent, voiceless and defenseless children who fall under the care of irresponsible mothers who view them as things that can be gotten rid of so easily (Berkov, 2014). Killing a child intentionally is so evil, and if animals can manage to take care of all their offspring then so should human beings.

The government should force those who are not responsible enough to respect the right to life. Mothers who don’t want babes have so many options for avoiding taking care of the child. Firstly one can always give up the baby for adoption. Killing the baby when it has not yet been born is so bad. If one doesn’t want the bay, they should not kill it. It’s better off to live knowing that one gave their baby for adoption other than living with the fact that one killed their baby.

Secondly, there are so many family planning options which will prevent one from getting pregnant (Meier, 2007). Aborting is just so evil. The baby is being punished while it has not committed any crime. I wonder how women who abort feel when they imagine that they were given the responsibility of protecting their babies by nature and decided to kill it themselves. I think it’s so wrong to kill an innocent life that depends on you solely for its survival. An unborn baby has no one else to turn to for food and survival; it’s the mother who should protect them until they are old enough to be independent. Mothers should respect this and appreciate taking care of their babies.

No one should consider killing their children. It is just wrong to kill your baby. The government ought to protect the lives of the voiceless, the humble, the ones who have no voice towards the brutality committed towards them like unborn babies. The government should force these people to take responsibility for their actions.   Abortion can lead to mental problems for the woman who is terminating the pregnancy. Any people are affected by the act till they get depressed. I mean, a child depends on the parent for protection. If the only person who was supposed to take care of the child plans to murder her, then they can have no peace of mind.

Many people who aborted report that they never have peace of mind (Meier, 2007). They are always thinking of the child they aborted. Some get stomach ulcers due to the post-abortion trauma.

The trauma is just too much. Women should understand what they are getting themselves in when they choose to abort. It is an evil act, and all people should be discouraged from it. It’s better to struggle to bring up the child freely than to suffer the guilt of killing your baby. Many countries have laws against abortion. The United States shouldn’t be an exception because we are protecting the lives of the innocent unborn babies.

People have become seriously irresponsible because they know that they will just go and abort if they get pregnant. Mothers who should be taking care of their children have turned against them to become their murderers. Abortion is beastly. The government should come forward to stop this act.

If the other states recognize that abortion is animalistic then so should the United States. Those who support abortion argue that abortion at times is advantageous. Sometimes the mother’s life is at stake, and doctors advise that the pregnancy is terminated. This happens in case the mother has diabetes or high blood pressure which has placed her life in danger. Under these circumstances, abortion can be done to save the mother’s life.

Kidney problems and heart diseases sometimes call for the termination of the pregnancy to help save the life of the mother. Complications may arise during pregnancy. In these cases, a mother can consider aborting the baby to protect her life. However, if it is not medically advised then one shouldn’t murder in the name of health complications and the doctors haven’t advised her to do so.  Another case when abortion is necessary is in the event of rape. A child born from rape will be hated by the mother. In the case of giving birth to a child, the mother will despise and hate she better abort the pregnancy.

Also, it would be so hard for the child to grow peacefully if the parents are not willing to have her. If the mother was raped, the child might remind her of the ordeal. This might bring mental complications to the mother (Berkov, 2014). She can thus choose to abort the baby in order for her to move on from the traumatizing experience.

A child’s life is worse if they have to live under a roof where they are despised and looked down upon simply because the father was a rapist. However, some strong women survive it. Those who cannot afford better abort instead of hurting an innocent child with hatred and spite. Abortion can also be considered in a case where the mother is mentally sick. These parents cannot take care of themselves leave alone a growing baby. People who get these women pregnant often rape them.

The woman is of course not I a position to defend themselves or understand anything when they are pregnant. Most of them don’t even know how to breastfeed or take care of the baby. It is better for such women to be taken for abortion. If they get the baby, it will just suffer for the rest of its life. Instead of bringing a child to the world so that it can suffer it is better to get rid of it at conception (Meier, 2007). Scientist argues that when a woman carries a baby in their womb for nine months, they become one. It is hard to separate them, and only a few people can survive giving their children up for adoption.

It is, therefore, advisable for the mentally challenged women to abort the baby instead of living with them. Illegalization of abortion might has its pros and cons. People abort for several reasons, and one of those reasons might be rape or maybe health issues to the mother. Others abort because they are not in good terms with the fathers, or because they feel they are not ready to bear the children. If abortion is illegalized mothers will be punished, yet some irresponsible men get to walk away. Therefore, since aborting is taking away an innocent child’s life without giving them a chance to live, the government should ensure all men take responsibility of their actions. Women shouldn’t be punished in bringing up children alone, the fathers must be held accountable.

If a woman wants to abort because she feels she is not ready she shouldn’t be allowed to abort. That is a case of responsibility, and people ought to be responsible. Rape cases and health cases should be excluded. Women who are in danger of dying if they keep the baby should be exempted. Women who are raped should also be exempted since keeping the baby might be harder on them. Mature people should have a level of maturity.

Allowing people to abort anyhow is like giving people permission to kill when they feel like it. We should uphold our morals. The government should ensure that all fathers take care of their children. This will discourage them from acting irresponsibly with their sexual partners. In summation, aborting is an evil thing to do. A woman in her right senses shouldn’t consider aborting just because they were not ready for children.

Abortion should be legalized because it’s a cold blood murder. Some federal laws protect unborn babies; it is just that they are not bright enough. Human beings are the only creatures that kill their babies. The government should illegalize this to make parents responsible and protect the unborn children.



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