ABOUT In 2010, pomades recovered their popularity. However,

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Last updated: May 17, 2019

 ABOUTPOMADE A bitabout pomades and their story. Hairshaping product pomade has a deep history.

The first pomades appeared in the19th century, the main ingredient of which was bear fat. Over time pomades havechanged in composition. 20 years Vascular and beeswax have changed the bear’sfat, the product has become more popular and easier to use.

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The word pomadeitself comes from the Latin name of the fruit – pomum and the name of theItalian apple – pomata or pomo. Afterchanging composition and the emergence of new producers, pomades began to growin the 20th century. the second decade. The product became more and more agentleman’s need for control over the hair.

The approach to the man’sappearance was quite conservative, the pomades were used to create classichairstyles, when all the hair (usually short) was knitted to the side or backwithout leaving any standing up hair. In2010, pomades recovered their popularity. However, the current popularity cannot be compared with what it was in the 20th century. The fifth decade, alsocalled the rock’n’roll era. This period can be called pomades golden age. Theyoung generation of rebels has abandoned a conservative style, so it is notstrange that hairstyles have changed. Hair styling such as Flat Top, Pompadour orDuck Tail required particularly strong hair shaping product. Nowpomades are not the only hair forming product; in stores you can find manyothers – forming pastes, gels, varnishes.

The advantage of pomades isefficiency (after all, you can easily achieve the desired result with a verysmall amount of the instrument!) And the composition, which is usually ofnatural materials. Products found in supermarkets are less effective, often containchemical elements that negatively affect health changes and have a low price /quality ratio – you pay a very high price for a low quality product. Werecommend that you think about quality before choosing hair shaping. Howto choose a pomade? Thereare a lot of pomades and they are easy to get lost. Hardbeard store has the best-rated,high-quality pomades, making it easier to choose.

If you are buying a pomadefor the first time, it’s best to start from a medium or light fixing pomade.  Howto use a pomade? Beforeyou begin to shape your hair, we offer you to dress up. Not because you achievea better result, simply because the preparation does not fit your clothing.However, if you think that the hair on the pomade is so much that it does notreally pose a threat to your outfit, and that you are careful enough, you canuse the tool immediately out of the shower.

 It isworth knowing that pomade, at different temperatures, changes its state, i.e.In a warm environment, the liquid will be more fluid than in a coolenvironment. This is especially true of strong fixation pomades. The differenceis simple – a lighter pomade is easier to use. However, this is very easy tosolve with a hair dryer – heat up the pomade and it melts through a warm airstream. If you do not have a hair dryer, you can use warm water. Simply soakthe instrument into the warm water and it will melt.

The easiest way is to heatthe pomade between your fingers. Nowit’s time to rub the pomade in the hand and give it easy free movement, shapethe hair, rubbing the pomade. If during hair formation pomade gets tougher andyou feel the hardening of your hair, use a hair dryer to warm the pomade andcontinue to form. Donot share comb with other people. Not because you are sorry. When you comb yourhair, the pomade will appear in your comb. After all, other people would notwant their instruments to appear in their hair.

Also, do not use other people’scomb. It isalso worth knowing that it is advisable to wash the pomade before going tosleep, since in some cases it can leave stains on the bedding. Of course, itdepends on what kind of measure and how much you use it. In our practice, wehave not yet encountered problems with spots, although we are accustomed towashing the hair in the morning. As you have already mentioned, when you startusing the tools, you will quickly get to know them and rethink all thesubtleties of use.



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