Abstract My report is about the history of

Abstract My report is about the history of The American Revolution also known as the  American Revolutionary War.  There was no one main event that started the American Revolution. The war didn’t start overnight because it took several years and many different events to start the war.  I will discuss in my paper, many for the reasons of the American Revolution. For example, one of the reasons is the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party is when the angry Patriots dumped tea into the harbor. The king was angry so he punished them. Another event that led up to  the American Revolution is the Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre is when the British troopers killed five Patriots. The Boston Massacre made a lot of people switch to the Patriots side.  The events shown were just a  couple of the events that led to the war but in no particular order. The other events that led up to the American Revolution will be discussed in the paper. Finally, this paper will show that American Revolution main goal was to free the United States from Britain and to gain its own power. Information for this project was gathered from various sources which include websites, books, and library . This project will show how the Americans were freed from the British rule and because of their freedom were able to exercise their rights. Also, it will show that after the war Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence and a new government and power was formed.  The American RevolutionThe American Revolution was between 1775 to 1783. The American Revolution was also known as the U.S. War of Independence and the American Revolutionary War.  The American Revolution was a political war between America and the British.  There was constant conflict between the British government and the thirteen colonies. In order to raise revenue, the British government kept imposing taxes on the colonies. The taxes were known as the Stamp Act, Tea Act, and the Townshend Tariffs. The Stamp Act was a tax that the British imposed on the thirteen colonies which made the Americans pay for newspapers and magazines. The reason it was called the Stamp Act was that when the papers were bought it had an actual stamp on it.  The colonists didn’t want to pay the taxes so they protested. It is during this time, the Sons of Liberty began with a group of Patriots.  Due to all of the protesting, the Stamp Act was revoked. The British were upset that the Stamp Act was revoked, so they passed other taxes called the Townshend Act. The act was named after Charles Townshend.  The act was intended for the colonists to pay for the salaries of judges and governors. All the colonist thought it was unfair to put taxes on them without any representation. This act continued to cause conflict between the thirteen colonies and Britain.  Another important act was the Sugar Act. The Sugar Act was also known as the Revenue Act. The act was passed to pay for the French and Indian War. Molasses was decreased and sugar was increased.  This was one of the first taxes that led to the American colonies to protest. The Americans had to pay taxes on goods from Britain. The American colonist final straw was The Tea Act. The Tea Act did not impose any taxes but created a monopoly on tea sales. They could buy tea from only one company. The colonist felt it was another tax without representation.  They reacted by not unloading tea from the ships, which led to the Boston Tea Party. During the Boston Massacre, the British killed five Patriots.  The Patriots were angry and that’s when the fighting began. It is uncertain who fired the first bullets. The American Revolution did not start at this time but years later. Because of this attack, the American colonist looked at the British as enemies. The colonies wanted their freedom from Britain, so the Continental Congress appointed a committee of five leaders to write a document. The committee was called Committee of Five. The document had to state why the American colonist wanted their freedom. The final version of the Declaration of Independence was adopted July 4, 1776. The United States still celebrate the Fourth of July today.The Battle of Lexington and Concord was significant because it began the American Revolution. The British wanted to destroy the American weapons and capture the rebels. Paul Revere rode a horse to let the colonist know when the British were coming.  The war was the worst part; when the fighting in Concord stopped eight Patriots lay dead and the British had won that battle. The British didn’t win every battle.  The Continental Army had people bring news to and from them so they could know what the British were going to do. The war was very brutal and a lot of people died. The last battle of the American Revolution was the Battle of Yorktown. The Americans and the French troops outnumbered the British troops. The battle is believed to last about twenty days before General Cornwallis surrendered.. He knew he was going to lose the battle. CONCLUSIONThe American Revolution was about conflict the between the thirteen colonies and Britain. There were many different battles and events that led up to the American Revolution. The protest was not always about the taxes, it had a lot to do with taxes without representation.  When the British Government started taxing the colonies to raise money for soldiers and government it put a hardship on the colonies. The American colonist wanted their freedom from the British.  The American Revolution was the most intense war in America in my opinion.  This political battle affected a lot of people’s lives.Works Cited”American Revolution,” Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica Digital Learning, 2017. 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