Abstract: as the information profession is being changed.ICT


All round the world organizations are
remarking themselves as they respond to the challenges presented by the global
economy. Success in today’s competitive  environment
is increasingly a function of effective management. In the present era the
library professionals have to change themselves as the information profession
is being changed.ICT has changed the method 
in which library acquire and disseminate information to the user
community. This paper discuss the role of library professionals in this
Information and communication technology environment.

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Keywords: Digital Library,
Knowledge Manager, Role of
Librarian, e-learning environment.



development in the information and communication Technology and its application
in Library and Information Centers have brought significant changes in the
information collection, handling, organization, consolidation, repacking and
dissemination. Library and Information Science profession is for public service
and therefore require highest standard of honesty, integrity and character. Librarianship
is a profession that thrives on collaboration. Librarians are constantly
connecting and co-operating with others with a collaborative spirit that
permeates the profession. The success of liaison in an academic library depends
on how well the librarian maintains relationship with faculty, students,
authorities, fellow librarians, publishers and book vendors. The Librarians are
also in a dire need of having a well developed and highly trusted relationship
with the publishers and Book- Vendors to fulfill the core activity of the
Library, i.e. the collection development.




Principles of management

is a vital aspect of the economic life of man, which is an organized group
activity. Under competitive economy and every-changing environment the quality
and performance of management determine both the survival as well as success of
any organization. Management occupies such an important place in the modern
world that the welfare of the public and the destiny of the country are very
much influenced by it. A service is an act or performance offered by one party
to another.

to Peter Ducker, Professional management is a function, a discipline, a task to
be done; and managers are the professionals who practice this discipline, carry
out the functions and discharge the tasks.. Pattern of organizational system to
be followed in a library should be examined from the point of its efficiency.
If the aim is to achieve efficiency, then the pattern should be simple one.
Librarians and administrators should be aware of those patterns which are
expensive as well lead to inadequate services.


Four factors that distinguish services are:

1.      Intangibility:

are not physical and cannot be possessed, because they can’t be seen, touched or
made tangible in some way, accessing their quality and value is difficult.


refers to the idea that in a users mind, a service is essentially
indistinguishable from the person providing it.

3.      Heterogeneity:

Each and
every service different in nature. We can say that heterogeneity mainly arises
through interaction. Each interaction with a service is important to maintain
the service level.

4.      Perish

We can’t
store services for future use. Services are intangible and cannot be stored as


Prerequisites of collection Development:

development is interplay of the library’s aims objectives and the strategies of
the librarian and his/her staff in order to meet users needs within the
constraints of the library. For this purpose library has to formulate a clear
policy of acquisition, periodic evaluation of the collection and systematic
weeding of documents.




Role of libraries:

Library is the pulsing heart of the
campus with arteries running into each department. It is social institution
where every person seeks every kind of information.

Ø  Library
is the most important intellectual resource of the academic community and helps
the members of the institution individually as well as collectively for  self-development, fulfillment of curriculum
requirements and promote study and research.

Ø  It
should help the lifelong education of one and all.

Ø  It
should work for continued social well-being, as the agency in charge of all socialized
recorded thought.

Ø  It
should contribute to productivity-drive by informing top-management of the
latest trends  in diverse enterprises, by
ploughing back into  the minds of
researchers, designers and technologists every piece of relevant new thought,
promptly and  pin-pointededly.

achieve its goals, the library will need:

Ø  Staff

Ø  Collections

Ø  Design needs

Ø  Environment

Ø  Furniture and Equipment



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