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Last updated: May 28, 2019

AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to discuss the evolution of CrewResource Management (CRM) in commercial aviation and how the program haschanged in both training and application. CRM has undergone many changes from its origins on a NationalAeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) program in 1979, throughintroduction of the CRM Threat & Error Management (TEM) concept in 2001.  The application of the CRM fundamentals hashad a very positive impact on the aviation industry with dramatic reductions intotal aircraft accidents.  CRM and thetraining programs, in a variety of formats, have been accepted in thecommercial aviation around the world.  However,due to major differences in behavior, acceptance and cultures, there are stilllimitations with CRM.

 The trainingprocedures may be universal, but human behavior in different cultures variesgreatly.  Despite these differences, thegoal of CRM will continue to focus on interpersonal communication, leadership,and decision-making in the cockpit.  Thetraining for CRM has become a mandatory practice in a majority of the aviationenvironments around the world.  CRM hasbeen seen as so successful many of the training fundamentals have been appliedto other high-risk industries including hospitals, police work and firefighting.

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