ABSTRACT like Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner etc… to

Online food ordering system, is an online website which is widely used to maintain several activities of the hotel. It reduces the time management of the people because if we need something like Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner etc… to buy those things we need to go hotel , it is very difficult for peoples so we use this website. It is easy for peoples to use this website for ordering foods. There is an another facilities in this website to cancelling the booking .In hotel management system there are many steps to order to food like enquiry the customers name , customers id , customers address etc.. in this website it will generate bill for customer after proper enquiry. It is safe for the customer because they can avoid travel to buy foods in night times. It will generate report for customer as well as for employees. The main motive of this website is to satisfy our customer needs. Growing technology changes the needs for the people, to satisfy that we can develop an website called “online food ordering system”.

Our project Hotel management system gives idea about the hotel and food which is better among all those things. In this we can gather all information about the hotels to order anything and we can easily get the location the hotel . customer can order anything whatever they wish. In this system it keeps record of the customer details securely, and if anyone ask about that they won’t provide any details of us without our permission. During vacation, summer holidays, weekdays, hotels will be more rush and it will make more pressure for us to avoid that we can use this website. It is an easy and efficient way to order food . Technology changes our lifestyle, so peoples are also change they can improve many techniques like this. The most commonly used website by the people is Hotel Management System. In this system there is an another facility that we have an option called log in, by logging into that website we have an higher priority for ordering the foods.

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In Hotel management system ,the first page of our project is to create a home page. When the client enters the website they will be more attractive and they can more interested in working in that. When the client enters, home page will appear. They are many options like type of foods, place of the hotel, name of the hotel, and ordering buttons, submit button, logging button etc…if the client click anything they can able to see the particular page. This system is done by using html. It can done by putting source code in notepad or advanced new version . after putting source code we want save that in some drives after that we want go for that drive ,run that file we can able to see that website. In those days, they will be no online transaction so it is very difficult for people, but in this website online transaction is also available. We don’t want to waste the customer’s precious time , when customer needs the product we have an option called home delivery.

Processor :2.5 GHz
Hard Disk :18 GB
RAM :1.5 GB
Operating System :Windows 10
Front End : Css,HtmlBack End :database
Throughout this system analysis, a deep and full study of user’s information and requirement of user is conducted.This will produce the requirement of the proposed system.Existing system data is collected through several techniques such as website visit and document review.The data collected is required during detailed analysis.A study on this system is performed on the collected data.As a result ,the user’s requirement of the proposed system are determined.At the end of this stage,requirement specification document is produced.

The existing system happens to be a non computerized system were all operations are done manually. For example,waiter carrying the paper for taking the order.This leads to mistakes because the waiter might not understand the customer’s language.Therefore serving the menu for the customer is difficult.This will lead to embarrassing if the waiter placed the order to the other customer. This will lead to misunderstanding.

If the order is done by the manual in fast food restaurants, it is very difficult to satisfy the wants and needs of the customers. Most of the problems are:
1.Mistakes are made when the waiter takes the customer’s order.

2. It may leads to the process of collecting customer’s order and it isvery tedious. This process is impossible because it is difficult to deliver goods on time.

3.It leads to misunderstanding between the customers and the employees.

4. It leadsto record keeping system and it is very poor. The past records have been missed. Protecting the file system from the unauthorized user is a problem. It has no solution.

5.Unnecessary time is wasted if we convey the message through the authority. Management ask the copy of the customer’s order and it leads to time waste.

6. It results in the reduction of production flow.

These are the major problems of the existing system. It will be corrected with the help of proposed system.

4.3 OBJECTIVES OF THEPROPOSED SYSTEMThe proposed system is introduced to manage the food ordering activities in the restaurant. It helps to record customer submitted orders. The system should consist of the following functions to support the restaurant’s business. The objectives are:
1.It allows the customer to make order through our website, view order and it can make changes before submitting their order and allow them to make payment through credit card.

2. It needs to provide interface to allow promotion and menu.

3. The interface is used to show the customer’s orders detail to the kitchen staffs for delivering the order.

4.The tools are used to generate the reports and it can be used for decision making.

5.The tool is also used to modify the food information such as price, and add a new menu, system menu and promotion records.

The purpose of the proposed system is used to overcome all the problems of the existing system.This system is used to analyse and store information. It will make use of PhP-MYSQL.It will be like a report and it is generated to conform the particular information searched by the management.This will require the input of the data and record of food ordering and delivery and the report is generated.

The proposed system will have features such as :1.Accuracy of data
2.The paper work will be reduced
3.The ordered food will be available and delivered on time
4.Flexibility5.In case of data loss,it is easy to backup the data
6.Better storage and faster retrieval system
7.Errors will be minimized
4.5 SYSTEM DESIGNIn this report,this system is used to fulfill the given requirements.Thereare two types of design models:
1. Primary design phase
2. secondary design phase
Primary design phase:
In this phase, the system is designed at block level. The problem is identified and the blocks are created. Different blocks are created for different functions. The activities which require more interaction are kept in one block.

Secondary design phase:
In the secondary design phase, the detailed of design of every block is performed.

The task involved in design process are:
1. Design various blocks of overall design process.

2. Design smaller modules in each block.

3. Design various database structures.

4. Specify details to achieve functionality.

5. Design the input and output of the system.

6. Perform documentation
User interface is concerned with the dialogue between the user and the computer. It is combine with everythingfrom starting the system, logging into the system and present the desired input and output. The overall flow of screen and messages is called dialogue.



7.1 CONCLUSIONThis system is fully focused on delivering food for the customers in convenient way.This system provide some option such as feedback so that user can share their opinions and they can post their query.With help of growing technology this project is implemented successfully.This system providebetter satisfication.It decreases manual work and make ordering system automated and faster.The resultof online ordering will give easy to make ordering and hopefully it can give job opportunity.

This system can be improved in many ways that we can make this system support in alldevices like iOS.Only nearby restaurant can be available in this system we can change that and make available widerange of restaurant to the customers.We think our system have ability to grow,besides we will add some moreeffective option for users.Enhancements can be done to maintain food,item category,customer and order.wecan add options for easy way of backups.User friendly interactions between user and system are going to be implement.

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