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AbstractProjectmanagement is a systematic approach in helping a team to making plans andorganizing a project in order to make sure the projects completed on time andmeet the project requirement. There are a variety of difficult tasks forproject management to achieve the goals. The primary constraint for advanced asuccessful project is complete the project within budget and on time. Meet thepre-defined targets of project is another challenges for project management.

Aproject cannot be finished by individual, it requires a team to fulfilled it.However, communication problem always occur when they are doing the project.Hence, project manager is act an important role in assisting to manage the teamand ensure that the progress of the task is properly. Team building is atechnique in helping to increase the relationship among team members. In orderto gain the knowledge of method to manage a project, an interview was performedto PanoRazzi SDN BHD. This paper is discussed in details about the projectmanagement in this company.Literature ReviewExperiencecan gives self-confidence to project manager when they are facing some problemsand issues that relate to project management. According to the journal done byChantal M.

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J.H. Savelsbergh 1, experience is classified into two types whichis formal and informal learning experience. Formal experience can gained fromofficially organized learning program such as undergraduate education with aparticular project management component. While informal experience may involvelearn from individual experiences such as study on how to solve the complexproblem during the internship. In this research paper, interviews and questionnaireswere conducted among 31 project managers. Informal on-the-job learning is themost efficient study for project managers to gain the knowledge andexperience.

  Another important knowledgefor project managers to study from experience is hard and soft skills. Both abilitiesare essential for them in handling the team members.Toachieve the target of the project, project manager acts an important role toidentify the limitation of the projects such as time, budget and resources and theyare required to predict the situations that may occur. According to theconference that done by Kirsi Liikamaa 2, competency is means that acapability or potential which including a set of trade behaviours preparedaround an underlying assemble. Competency modelling is used to look forjob-related information and employee capabilities in the control of employees. Competenciesare categorized into two main groups which are personal and socialcompetencies.

Self-awareness, self-regulation, cognitive skills and motivationare consists by personal competencies. While for social competencies areincluded empathy and social skills. In this research, there are 750 peopleincluded in this survey. Some of them are project managers that come frommultiple organization and some of them are university students whose studiedcompletely in their project.

Leadership competency was evaluated as the highestbecause it is an important capability for project manager to lead the groupmembers as well as to motivate and act fair toward them. The lowest competencywas evaluated as production efficiency. Analytical thinking was chosen byrespondents as the willingness to improve the most. By having the analyticalthinking, respondents can carry out a lot of solutions to solve the problematicsituations. Besides that, achievement drive is evaluated as the most importantdesirable competencies for a project manager.

References:1.Chantal M.J.H. Savelsbergh, Liselore A.

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InternationalJournal of Project Management, 34, 559-569.2.Kirsi Liikamaa. (2015). Developing a project manager’s competencies: Acollective view   of the most importantcompetencies.

6thInternational Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics and theAffiliated Conferences, 681-687.Project Manager – roles, importantskillsetProjectmanager is the individual who is responsible to handle and guide the teammembers. Accordingto the interview from PanoRazzi, project manager mentioned that motivation andunderstand the code is the most important skills as a project manager. Projectmanager is required to give the positive thinking and motivate all of the teammembers that don’t be easy to give up when they are feeling stress or when theyare facing some problems. A weekly meeting should be held by project managers inorder to discuss the progress of details and ensure that all of the stepsfollow the deadline. Coding knowledge is another important skill for projectmanages as they can communicate directly and explain in details about theprogress of project to the clients. 


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