ABSTRACT way we can compete with them for

ABSTRACT Robots are ruling the world with their intelligence, speed and accuracy not just in the form of robots but as machines, artificial intelligence and technologies.

There is no way we can compete with them for their large volume processing, speed, and consistency in their outcome. But we are not processing waste either. The time is not so far for us to lose our existing jobs to artificial intelligence, robots and technologies. But is that really a threat to us? Not really.

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“Every revolution is a call for reformation”- the Forth Industrial Revolution is a reminder/notification for us to raise our bars for AI and technologies by doing things which only we are capable of and that process is reformation. And I with my plan and desire to start up a business am ready to “reform and reframe” the importance of human employees in the work place. This essay also points the preparations and precautions to be taken before the disruption of the Forth Industrial Revolution. Keywords: Forth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Reformation, Reframe. Introduction:Artificial Intelligence and technology plays a major role in our daily life. Our daily activities, communication, work, everything is now dependent on Artificial Intelligence, technologies and robots.

Ever since the introduction of electricity, automobiles, telegraph, telephone, extraction of gas and crude oil, chemical inventions and experiments and transportation in the 2nd Industrial Revolution there has been no look back. With the advancement of mass production and extraction of various energy and development of railroads in 1st Industrial Revolution it has only been improvising. And the 3rd Industrial Revolution is just an extension of 2nd Industrial Revolution where major chemical experiments, discovering new energies like nuclear energy, space research, biotechnology, advanced telecommunication, computers and automation of Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs) and robots were introduced. And the present revolution The Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR) is advanced version of 3rd Industrial Revolution and digitalization, mass production and automation in all the possible fields of business which has now started to uncover the disruptive side of the Robots, AI and technologies.Every previous revolution has made way for the coming revolution as that is the cause of creating that lack and demand at the same time which can be explained with this illustration.

The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam to mechanize production, the second used electricity, gas and other energies to create mass production, the Third Industrial Revolution used electronic and information technology to automate production and now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is following the Third Industrial Revolution by not extracting any new energies but focusing mainly on automation, digitalization in all the field of production and operation. ?  All though there has been only introduction, advancement, and improvisation in all the revolution, it has been proved beneficial only at the end. That’s because every innovation comes with disruptive qualities in it and the same happened in all the revolution which created chaos all across the globe as people lost their jobs to industrialisation, automation, and not Artificial Intelligence and robots. When people lose their jobs in large numbers and are employed in small quantity there will be some group of people who stay unemployed with no basic requirements who end up on streets and some have lost their lives. And there is another part of the unemployed population who chose to start-up on their own business and use the very same innovation to which they lost their jobs and create their own place in the economy. And the remaining population fight for the same or different jobs. This has been the scenario during all the industrial revolutions which can be changed only by preparing ourselves before the innovation turn into disruption. And now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we the humans are at the risk of loosing our jobs to robots and artificial intelligence.

And this is a major threat, as most of the working population will be losing their jobs to robots and artificial intelligence and that will affect the per capita income and progress of the country. And for some period, the unemployed part of the population will stay economically useless because we humans need sometime to come out our comfort zone and to take up risk. Hence to learn and accept the advancement of robots, artificial intelligence and other technologies we take time and during that time we will be of no use to the business and the economy, because robots and other artificial intelligence will be performing the task which we humans were doing and it does the same task more efficiently in less time and with less expenses. But this will not be the first time where the humans are considered as useless, because from the very first industrial revolution where most of the people were involved in agricultural activities became jobless as some people stopped growing crops, few lost their lands for the industries. And this continued in the second industrial revolution when people lost their jobs to machines, automobiles and energies like electricity, gas etc. Third Industrial Revolution reduced the number of working population of the economy by introducing robots, automation, advanced automobiles, electronics, computers and energies like nuclear energy in production. And now in Fourth Industrial Revolution, we will be losing our jobs to robots, artificial intelligence and digitalisation. All these robots, artificial intelligence and technologies with their strong disruptive qualities will affect majority working population of the entire economy, which is profitable to business as they are economical than humans to the business, but it will be a disaster to that population of the economy who lose their jobs to these.

There will still remain few jobs which requires human assistance and intelligence in completing the task and such jobs are secured from intervention of artificial intelligence, robots and technologies. But people required for such jobs will be less and the unemployment rate will be high.Even in all these disruption scenarios few have successfully survived and have grown without being affected by the industrial revolution. That was possible only because of their presence of mind, creative thinking and unique concept followed by them in their workforce. And also, their plans and preparations helped them to stay safe during and after the industrial revolutions. Like I said before there were few people who took the disruption as their opportunity to grow and develop, they saw the filled portion of the glass than cribbing on the emptied portion of the glass and that’s how they survived the storm of industrial revolution and succeeded in the same. But there were others who were fighting for the same old jobs some succeeded in that as they had more knowledge, experience and most importantly they upgraded themselves as per the requirements of their job. The same way we too have lots of opportunities to safe guard our jobs from the robots, artificial intelligence and technologies.

Just like the successful people from first, second and third Industrial Revolution we too can take the disruptors as our opportunity to grow that is the vice option for the people who have the power to invest and to start-up on their own, or the people who can associate/acquire/merge with the disruptor. By changing our existing job to the secured process where the robots, artificial intelligence and technologies cannot intervene, like for an example in the Fourth Industrial Revolution the jobs like marketing, research and development, designing, managers, directors and so on. And by upgrading ourselves with the skillsets according to the requirements of the job is one of the way to retain the job. And by doing any of these we can still retain/ save our jobs. Because there is no way to stop the industrial revolution, all that we can do is prepare ourselves for the change and upgrade ourselves from time to time according to the requirement of our job. And why to waste time on doing the same old thing when you are capable of doing new things more effectively than robots. With all these risks we have a weighted advantage by our side that all these robots, artificial intelligence, technologies and digitalisation cannot perform any tasks on their own.

They only work according to the command they get from their commander and that commanding can be done only by the humans. And if we humans are skilled and qualified enough to control and command those robots, artificial intelligence and technologies we will be in demand. Even though robots, artificial intelligence and technologies does the task faster, efficient and accurate they cannot start the task until they are being commanded to do so. I consider them as better employees than employers as they cannot think on their own or come up with unique ideas and strategies.

I with my plan and desire to start u my own business am secured from the intervention of robots, artificial intelligence and technologies as I consider all these as better employees than employers. Becoming an employer or an entrepreneur is not possible for the robots as that includes thinking out of the box, solving undefined/ new found problems, capital investments etc. and not to forget to thank our law which grants legal approval only for the humans to start up business, in this way my job is secured. And in fact, my job involves utilizing/ harnessing artificial intelligence, robots, technologies and humans in operating my business. If I had to think as an entrepreneur I will definitely choose artificial intelligence over humans but in the processing areas where it performs better than humans.

But to run/ operate my business efficiently and effectively in long run I definitely need humans in my work place to work in research and development, marketing, designing, and also as directors, managers, chairman, and so on. I believe balancing the artificial intelligence and human intelligence in the business is very important and if one is over valued or under valued the business is likely to lose its place in the market. And the qualified humans with required skillsets will always have a job.

When the artificial intelligence does the humans job more effectively than humans that is when the value for the jobs which requires human intelligence increases and they deserve to be paid fair price for all their efforts and contributions to the business. And those works raise the bars for the artificial intelligence in competing with the humans.Undoubtedly, we are in danger of losing our jobs to artificial intelligence, and other technologies and that will affect us hard by taking our job and making us jobless. This revolution is very important and necessary for the future of every country. This revolution not just affects people’s jobs but everything to provide/ facilitate them with the better job, standard of living, higher literacy rate etc. The disaster is will be creating will stay on for short period as we the humans are gifted with the most precious and valuable thing ‘our brain’ using which we can think out of the box, and come up with some unique ideas and strategies to win our jobs. Every revolution is a golden opportunity for countries to develop overall by utilizing the resource of that country by coming up with new ideas, strategies, and process which helps in the progress of the country. And I see this as an opportunity to bring my ideas into practice and utilize both the artificial intelligence and human intelligence carefully in creating the formula to success.

 Conclusion:Our jobs are at stake by the artificial intelligence and other technologies and that can create disaster in our lives, but we the human have the ability ‘to create opportunity/ resource in scares’ through which we make ourselves useful even when the artificial intelligence makes us useless. And that is how we create our own place for ourselves in the job market. We humans can think, learn, decide and do things on our own without anybody’s command and instruction and that is the major advantage and that is enough for us formulate our success mantra. Our jobs are in danger but for short period of time, if we are planned and prepared the disruption may affect us very lightly and we can also create our own workforce in less time. And humans being economical to the business doesn’t come to picture when that is the need. And I add myself to prevail technologically and economically to the business as an entrepreneur and would work hand in hand with human intelligence and artificial intelligence.


Author: Elvira Brock


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