AC achieved. 1.2 Set your own SMART

AC 1.1
Identify organizational targets relevant to the team.

To ensure that Abu Dhabi remains a safe and secure society by providing high quality policing services to the citizens, residents and visitors of the Emirate.

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To strive for a safe and secure society, achieving stability, reducing crime and contributing to the delivery of justice in a way that ensures public confidence in the police. As our department’s vision and mission is explained, being the part of this force I have fully obligated to dedicate myself to make sure the vision and mission are achieved.
Set your own SMART objectives for the team to achieve these targets.

The vision and mission set by the department to be identified by SMART plan which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
Specific: Abu Dhabi police needs to build a good relationship with all stakeholders of the Abu Dhabi form individual person to public departments and organization that works in the Abu Dhabi to a third party who can evaluate the performance. The goal is to make sure the safety of public and deliver the justice on time without any delay in full.
Measurable: This is very important part of a goal as this is evidence of the success how and how much is succeeded. The department need to make sure the justice is delivered on time without delay as we believe the justice delayed is just denied. Weekly meeting to be held with each team and evaluate the report with simple three Ps, Planning, Progress and the Problems. These must be evaluate without any fail. A must follow up KPI be evaluate for each cases.
Achievable: Every task we assigned should be achievable and Each case we handle shall be verified with realist approach and investigative mentality.
Realistic: If it isn’t realistic then it’s not going to be achievable. You need to be realistic as to:
Can they undertake the objective now or do they need other skills first?
Will they have the opportunity (or resources) to achieve the task?
Can they achieve the task without negatively impacting their core role?
Can you or another part of the organization give them support if it’s required?
Timescale: In order to ensure this task is completed on time all the departments involved need to work together and managed in an efficient and organized manner by considering all facts like personal circumstances, workload, resources and or any needs may require.
For instance, we have to have a clear picture on and each department/persons’ responsibilities and tasks. We categorize the structure like Management, Administrative Department, Technical department, Patrol and Public safety Department and Supervisory management. Each department should tasks assigned very specifically, time bounded and evaluated each week/months. I have set out s SMART objective for technical department as below,
• By 1st January 2019, in order to improve service delivery and professionalism, check and verify inventory of all computer equipment within command responsibility.
• By 28th February 2019, in order to show professionalism and service delivery, set up a servicing chart for all electronic covert surveillance equipment.
• By 1st August 2019, in order to improve service to the public, set up a database to catalogue digital photographs available for use in corporate events and publications.
Use a suitable technique such as an action plan to plan to achieve at least one of these objectives.

Team Building : Build a team who are involved in this project and categorized from Manager to Technical Staff
Create Job description which explains each person’s their authorities and responsibilities which summarized their target on this project. And explain them consequences if they do not achieve the target.
Departmental structure is very important to avoid dual commanding that may create conflict of interest.
Explain how you can monitor and control the activity you have planned.

It is important to have a good communication is maintained throughout the activity to ensure its’ success. The above action plan ready available to everyone who are involved in this project and instruct them to mark their progress that help to track the progress made. Weekly meeting will be conducted to review the progress and evaluate the project and understand if there is any problem is facing that need to be overcome and escalate to higher management to solve it. As all tasks are assigned to each person in a very specifically and call for report each weeks.

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