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Last updated: May 6, 2019

A successful professional career demands a blend of personal traits , knowledge and skill set aquired through personal, academic and professional experience. My undergrad years provided me a platform to inculcate a few.

One such instance was my experience as Placement Coordinator of the Institute. Post recession, the economic environment across the globe was gloomy and India was no exception. By the end of August, 18 of the last year’s recruiters had already turned down the invitations.Challenge before me was to insure presence of new set of companies with opportunities in line with aspirations of candidates. Inputs from the candidates helped our team to prepare list companies we needed to focus on. To invite companies, I leveraged the strong alumni and industry network of IIT. I also prepared branch specific brochure and presentations to lay our case.

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Coordinated team efforts and un-daunting spirit to achieve the target culminated in successful placement ession, with nearly 100% placements.In my 3. 5 years of association with XXX, I experienced the challenges of a start-up and was an integral part in the Journey of its growth. As a techno-functional consultant in an IT services firm , not only I got opportunity to work with the corporate giants of diverse geography, but also on an array of verticals- Manufacturing, Insurance and SCM. As the strength of company grew from 20 to over hundred, my role became more versatile.In last two years I have been involved in several activities ranging from requirement gathering and solution design to effort estimates, escalation management and pre-sales.

I have also been part of the recruitment process. My association with this budding organization has helped me to get acquainted with a rare set of skills such as multitasking abilities, interpersonal skills, along with strong domain and technical expertise.


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