According position is called intepretivism (Bryman, 2006:27). Positivism

Accordingto Bitsch& Pedersen, (2011: 137) the theory of social science involves manyquestions and disciplines. These are related to the basic belief about theworld, society, the individuals, knowledge, language and relationship between empiricaldata and theory., which to a large extent decide  the way groups formulate and explore theirresearch problems.

Philosophyof Science is concerned in general with what it means for any science to bescientific and how theories relate to facts in science (Durbin, 1988). Itinvolves methodology and projecting  withother disciplines as epistemology and ontology.Thefirst epistemological consideration is natural science epistemology called positivism and the secondepistemological position is called intepretivism(Bryman, 2006:27). Positivism encourages  a more objectiveinterpretation of reality, using hard data from surveys and experiments,while phenomenology (interpretive) is deal with methods that examine people andtheir social behavior. Positivism has been more commonly associated withscientific research, while phenomenology has its roots in the social science(veal, 2006).We try to collect the hard data but its  not possible .Therefore our project cannot beidentified by positivism.

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