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Last updated: May 31, 2019

According to the mid-2016 population estimates 1,124,600 people live in Birmingham.

·         22.8% (256,600) are children·         64.2% (722,300) are working age·         13.0% (145,700) are pensioners·         Largest Ethnic Group is White British (53.1%). ·         Pakistani (13.

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5%) and ·         Indian (6%).My target audience would specifically be working age people from all ethnicities and backgrounds as they would be ideal customer and would need to buy products as they work and have money to buy this even though having clothes is a need and it applies to all the type of people that are stated above. In the year ending June 2017, the crime rate in Birmingham was lower than the average crime rate across similar areas. Yet the average crime rate was a staggering 83.99. So, to solve this problem of being robbed or of anything happening to the business I will have to invest in some kind of alarm and shutters that will keep the shop secure from burglars.

In Birmingham there are a lot of clothes and shops in the vicinity of my business therefore it will be hard to draw customers to my shop but it would be easier to advertise as a lot of people go through the city Centre every day and will have a chance to come to the shop or get an advertisement of some kind preferably a type of advertisement that stands out than other shops.Many tourists are attracted to Birmingham’s City Centre due to the fact that a well-known landmark is situated there and that is Bull ring as it is very iconic and is home to over a hundred shops to buy something from as well as Selfridges which also has variety of products like clothes to food or furniture and targets a wide range of people. This is a good place for my shop to be situated as it is busy all the time and many potential customers go through the City Centre either to get to work or jus buy something and because of that it would increase the chances for people coming to my business as well as increasing footfall and I will try and keep as much customers as I can by making them feel at home so they would return again.Furthermore, it has a wide range of travel that will be good for my shops as many customers would come past the shop and hopefully be attracted to something and therefore buy something therefore increasing my overall profit. Even though there are many shops that sell big branded clothes like Flannels or other I will make my shop more well-known by specifically making my shop stand out from the rest for example by adding regular discounts and easy to access even if not in shop e.

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