According think you are going to hurt them.

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Last updated: May 26, 2019

According  to  animal  Equality  (united kingdom) “2.

7  million  dogs  and  cats   are  killed  each  year.  56  billion  farm  animals  are  killed  each  day.   52  million  dogs  die each  day. 4  to  10,000  Dogs  and  cats  die  in  shelters   Many  people   even  harm  their  dogs  to  train  them.  Shelters  don’t  release  information  about  animal  abuse.

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We  should  stop  animal  abuse,  it  is  important  because  7.6  million  animals  are abandoned  from  owners  who  try  to  kill  cats  and  dogs .The  animals  end  up dead  because shelters kill animals  in  2  weeks  or  less.People  say  online  “they only  use  positive  reinforcement  and  never  any type  of   correction  or  punishment  they  are  misleading  you  or  they  might  have  limited  or  no knowledge  about  dog  training. “(Mario Ancic, 2018). If  you  harm  dogs  and  cats  they  will not  come  to  you  any  more  or  growl,  bark,   or even  bite you.

Physician  Dr . Stanley  Coren  says  that  physical  contact  will  help  your  dog  be  better  but  it  isn’t  going  to  help  them whenever  you  go  to  touch  your  dog  it  will  think  you  are  going  to  hurt  them. You may  never  get  to  touch  your  dog  for a  long  time  because  you  hurt  your  dog  in  the past.(Coren, 2012)We  can  stop  animal  abuse by  leaving  windows  open  in  cars  that  dogs  are  left  in or  simply  not  leave  dogs  in  a  car  at  all.   Taking animals  in  a  foster  home,  adopting  animals  from  a  shelter  before  it  is  to  late,  make  sure  you  take animals  to  hospitals  and  adopt  them  after  and  pick  animals  up  off  the  street  and  if  cats  or  dogs  don’t  have anything  on  them  like  a  collar  or  something  take  them  home. We  need  animals  in  the  world.   by  you  harming  the  animals,     they  are   now  mean.  You  will  end  up  sick,  in  the  hospital,  or  dead  if  you  hurt  beautiful  creatures.

 Please  don’t  kill  animals.


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