According to the receiver. A message has

According to David Barlo one can accept communication as authoritative when certain conditions are obtained, these conditions are discussed below as follows;
The sender in this case is the source of the message or the person who originates the message. The person or the source sends the message to the receiver. The sender here should bear or posses communication skills. Communication skills of a person are factors that affect the communication process. If the sender has good communication skills, the message will be communicated better than when communication skills is not good.
Attitude of the sender and the receiver creates the effects of the message. The person’s attitude towards self, the receiver and the environment changes the meaning and the effect of the message.
Knowledge or familiarity with the subject of the message makes the communicated message have its effect more. Knowledge on the subject matter makes the communicator send the message effectively.
Social systems; values, beliefs, laws, rules, religion and many other social factors affects the senders way of communicating the message. In social systems also fall place and situation.
Culture; cultural differences makes the message different. A person from one culture might find something offensive which is very much accepted in another culture.
A message is the substance that is being sent by the sender to the receiver. A message has factors or parts which qualifies it to be a message.
Content; content is the thing that is in the message. The whole message from the beginning to the end is the content.
Elements; they are non-verbal things that tag along with the content like gestures, signs, language or words and even writings.
Treatment; treatment is the way in which the message is conveyed or transmitted from the sender to the receiver. Treatment also affects the feedback of the receiver.
Structure; the structure of the message or the way it has been structured or arranged, affects the effectiveness of the message.
Code; code is the form in which the message is sent. It might be the form of language, text, video, newspaper or even telephone.
Channel is the medium used to send message. In mass communication and other forms of communication, technical machines might be used as channels like telephone, internet etc.

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