According to the study of University of Texas

According to thestudy of University of Texas in the country of Mexico, people with darker skintones have less education, have lower job status and are more likely to live inpoverty and less inclined to be wealthy. In the study they researched howindividual’s skin shading is related to their financial status. The outcome ofthe study is that the respondents who are light brown have 29.5 percent lowerchances of having a college education or more contrasted with the individualswho are white, while the individuals     whoare dark brown color have 57.6 percent lower chance. Respondents who are darkbrown in color came from lowest occupational categories like manual workers,drivers and security guards while in contrast white individuals have higheroccupational status such as supervisor, professional workers and employers. “These differences in socioeconomicoutcomes are, of course, insufficient to demonstrate the persistence of discriminatorypractices against individuals based on the color of their skin.

“(Villareal,2010).Powerof EmpathyEmpathy is a basiccapacity directing human social life. Empathic emotions are essential forpeople in social and relational life since they empower individuals to tunetheir psychological states to their social condition and additionally tocomprehend others’ expectations, activities, and practices. One of the mainsources of empathic emotions is the pain experienced by other people, andempathy for others’ agony, in turn, manages behavior among people and socialgroups. In spite of the fact that pain has been viewed as a cozy and privatefeeling, test information demonstrate that when individuals witness or envisionthe pain of someone else, they outline others’ agony onto their mind utilizinga similar network activated amid first hand understanding of pain, as thoughthey were vicariously experiencing the observed pain.

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(Maravita, Gallucci, & Forgiarini,2011). Individual’sCoping Strategies Coping strategy asdefined by study, is an effort to solve personal or intrapersonal problem thatwill sooth anyone’s overcoming, minimizing,stress or conflict. Coping strategies among people demonstrated that they wouldconverse with others whether they should make a move because of prejudice oracknowledged the racist conduct (Krieger and Sidney 1996). Most individuals says that they would do other things andtry to talk to people. It is acknowledge that social help is very useful formental and physical well-being.

A support from social groups gives a state ofsecurity, socialness, and it improves in the awareness of discrimination as anexperience being shared by the individuals.  Members could serve as role models that couldguide individuals for effective ways to cope and to respond to the situation.More cooperation in social exercises may divert people and provide them withconstructive encounters that may support the negative effect of a scope ofstressors including inequality.  (Finch and Vega 2003 as cited by Brondolo, Brady, Pencille,Beatty, & Contrada, 2009). Race/EthnicityTheidea of race has changed across cultures and eras, and in the long run turningless connected with biological traits and became more incorporated withsuperficial physical characteristics. Contemporary conceptions of race,therefore, which tend to be based on socioeconomic assumptions, illuminate howfar removed modern race understanding is from biological qualities. (Thompson,2009) Both race and ethnicity play a role in how people are perceived andtherefore, how the opportunities that are available to them.

A person’s raceinfluences a whole host of social outcomes, from their education to theirincome to their experiences with the criminal justice system. And this resemblehow one young woman experienced according to a documentary by Bill Dukeentitled “Dark Girls”. It explore a deep-seated bias within black cultureagainst women with darker skin. From the documentary, a young woman talks aboutthe first time she realized that her dark skin mattered. And she begged hermother to pour bleach into her bathwater. She said she didn’t care if it burnedas long as it lightened her skin.

That is just one of the situation of thereality in the society we just lean to ignore.



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