According well, manager need to learn each person’s

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Last updated: May 24, 2019

According to Marcus Buckingham inhis article in the Harvard Business review, a typical manager perceivesemployees as worker who fulfil roles. But an excellent manager regardsemployees as individuals to build roles around. Exceptional managers performtheir magic by finding, encouraging, and praising what is unique about each personthat works for them.

 Although there are as numerousmanagement styles as there are managers, one quality distinguishes greatmanagers from the rest: they learn what’s so special about each person thatworks for them and then focus on it. They discover what is unique about eachperson and then capitalize on it . . . Great managers know and value the uniqueabilities and even the peculiarities of their employees, and learn how best toincorporate them into a harmonised plan of execution. Recognising and takeadvantage of each person’s unique capacity is formidable tool. It saves the organisation time inthe identifying and capitalising on each person’s uniqueness is a powerful toolbecause it saves time in the allocation of roles and makes each person moreresponsible. It also builds a stronger sense of team by reinforcing cooperationand interdependency.

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It introduces a healthy degree of disruption by shufflingexisting hierarchies and existing assumptions about who can do what. Managers need to know to gatherwhat they know about each person and put their eccentricities to use. To managepeople well, manager need to learn each person’s strength and what can triggerthese strengths. Excellent managers work around each person style withouttrying to alter them. Most differences in character and talent permanent andresist change. Great managers know that their most important asset is time andthey know that they can make optimal use of their time if they identifyeveryone one’s peculiarity and how to fit them in the big plan. To managepeople well, this demands that the manager knows: ‘their strengths’.



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