Acute of compensatory mechanisms, and the presence or

Acute and chronic heart failure can be determined depending on the rapid progression of the
syndrome. The presence and the activation of compensatory mechanisms, and the presence
or absence of fluid accumulation in the interstitial space. Acute heart failure has a sudden
onset, with no compensatory mechanisms. The patient may experience acute pulmonary
edema, low cardiac output, or cardiogenic shock. The deterioration into acute heart failure can
be precipitated by the onset of dysrhythmias, acute ischemia, sudden illness, or cessation of
medications. This may necessitate admission to critical care unit, on the other hand, patients
with chronic heart failure is an ongoing process, with symptoms that may be made tolerable by
medication, diet, and a reduced activity level. Patients with chronic heart failure are
hypervolemic, have sodium and water retention, and have structural heart chamber changes
such as dilatation or hypertrophy. Hypertension is the primary precursor of heart failure

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