Adichie’s story as the one version you know

Adichie’s Ted Talk is about the dangers of the “single story”. She explains the single story as the one version you know of a person, place, or culture. She uses the example of her American roommate being surprised that she spoke English very fluently and the fact that she reads and writes literature. The single story that her roommate knows of Africans is their stereotype. She knows them as impoverished, uneducated, and unhappy. Adichie said that the single story comes from showing someone something “as one and only one thing.” She proposes that the power of a story comes from how it is being told, who is telling it, and when it is being told and the amount of times the story is being told. From reading chapter one of the textbook, I’ve defined sociological imagination as a way of thinking or idea that interconnects a person in society with the society as a whole. Having a sociological imagination helps us reject the idea of the single story because we can put our self in that situation that someone is having and relate ourselves to society without having that idea of the “single story”.

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