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Adolf Hitler was a horrible man who hated Jews. Why was he so horrible? Hitler caused extreme heartbreak and torture for Jewish people in Germany during a period known as the Holocaust. It is not clear why he hated the Jews so much, but what we do know is that Hitler’s high disliking for them was influenced by the mayor in Vienna. People believe that he hated Jews since he was very young as well. His mother was diagnosed with cancer and was treated by a Jewish doctor. The doctor couldn’t do anything to help her and she ended up passing away at a very young age. Adolf Hitler began to spread a nasty rumor that all of Germany’s problems had been caused by the Jews, and people began to believe him. Hitler was a very influential speaker, so the instinct of the Germans was to believe him and follow everything he said.
Adolf married Eva Braun, and had several children. One fact that surprises many people today is that Adolf Hitler, according to DNA testing, had Jewish descendants in his genealogy!
Adolf’s first war service came when he enlisted in the Bavarian Army in World War I. He faced many difficult battles during that war, and was awarded an iron cross for bravery. After World War I was over, Hitler joined the political party, “Deusche Arbeiterpartei”, and was recruited to join a military intelligence unit. Hitler was quickly recognized as the best speaker in his political party. Adolf’s hatred for Jewish people blossomed and became part of the intelligence unit’s political platform. After the dictator, Hindenburg passed away, Hitler claimed his spot as dictator of Germany. Once in power Adolf Hitler started a program of world domination and elimination of all Jews. He believed that Germany was destined for greatness and power. Adolf was introduced to a greater audience through a book that he wrote about himself called “Mein Kampf”. Although the popular book told his personal story, it also contained some lies to make himself look good. Hitler became even more popular and powerful with the German people!
Hitler, with his Nazi army, caused the death to about 1.8 million Jews. He tore families apart and took Jews into slavery, many of whom eventually died from exhaustion, starvation and disease. Thousands more were killed, some right on the spot. Adolf and the Nazis developed concentration camps for Jewish prisoners. There were about 40,000 of these concentration camps. It’s hard to imagine all of the lives that were lost in those horrible places! These camps served as a base where Jews were forced into hard labor. Many were killed in gas chambers, while others were simply shot to death. Gas chambers were enclosures which the Germans invented to carry out mass executions. Jewish prisoners were locked in the rooms, which were then filled with a chemical gas poison that eliminated all of them. The Nazis also established killing centers in Poland where the Jewish population was the largest. Some Nazi doctors even performed medical experiments on the Jewish prisoners. Why did they do all this? Because Adolf Hitler told them to!
During World War II, Russia was one of Hitler’s main threats. Adolf and the Russian president had agreed that if they conquered Poland, they would split the territory. However, Adolf later broke the agreement and kept all of Poland to himself. The Russian president became very upset when he found out. Russia then joined the war against Germany. Near the end of the war, Hitler’s officers warned him that the Russians were only about a day away from overtaking the German Chancellery. Adolf Hitler quickly hid in his underground bunker after hearing that news!
There were six previous attempts to end Adolf Hitler’s life before this event. One was in a beer hall where Hitler was giving a speech. People got angry and fired bullets at him. Another time a man attempted to kill him with a bomb him at one of his speeches. Of course, none of the six assassination attempts were successful.
Once the Russians arrived in Berlin, they surrounded his bunker. Hitler found himself in a very, very difficult situation. He could be captured and executed by his enemies, or he could end his own life. Adolf had tested cyanide capsules on their dog and her puppies…sadly, they worked! This guy didn’t have a heart at all! What kind of person would murder their own dog and puppies? After verifying that the cyanide capsules would work, Hitler had his officers proclaim Germany’s surrender. Then, on April 30, 1945, Adolf and his wife Eva committed suicide in their underground bunker. First by taking the cyanide capsules, followed by taking one of their own bullets to the head. Adolf Hitler’s evil reign on the Jewish people and the fears of the world were finally over!

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