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Adoption by singles

The discussion about if singles should be able to adopt a child has been going on for a long time. There are a lot of opinions and people have many different viewpoints about this controversy. There are many people that think adopting a child when you are single is something that is unconventional and that they are unsuitable to be parents. But on the other hand, there are even more people that think singles should be able to adopt because they have all the same reasons and rights as couples to adopt a child. So, should singles be able to adopt a child or not?
Single-parents usually have a stronger bond with their child. When a single person chooses to adopt and raise a child on their own they just want to make their dream into a reality. They really want to have a child they can give a home too and love. For this reason, single parents have a much stronger and more loving relationship whit their child. Indeed, a child that only have one parent are usually more wanted than a child that has two.
It is better for a child that are orphaned to have just one parent that can take care of them than to have no one. Currently in the world it is estimated that over 153 million children are orphans. Children of irresponsible parents that don’t have a proper home or someone that can give them joy and happiness. These children need to be taken care of and loved for. Therefore, if a single man or woman can provide everything a child needs and wants to adopt and raise a child, they should unquestionably be allowed to do so.
A child needs two parents so that one can fill in for the other when one is tired, at work, away from home, sick and so on. For this reason, many people think that it is inconvenient for singles to have a child on their own. On the contrary, the singles that choose to adopt often has a big social network around them consisting of friends an family that are supportive and helpful.

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in conclusion
There are (sett in hvor manege)a lot of children that is in the orphanage and don’t have a home or a family. Children of irresponsible parents. These children need to be cared for and loved for. Therefor, if a single parent wants to have a child and can provide everything it needs and to raise and love it, he or she should be able to adopt and raise a child.

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