There are points in every


There are points in every adults life where they will come into disagreement with another adult. How you handle and deal with disagreements is important. You should always remain calm, polite and respectful of others points of view. If it is difficult for you to remain calm or the other person is struggling with this then a mediator may help to resolve and move on the disagreement successfully. t is important to remain calm as becoming angry or frustrated could be the reaction the young person is trying to get. If you feel that you are about to lose your temper, then you should take a moment away from the situation to regain composure. By showing how to deal with being upset and disappointed in a appropriate way, you are teaching the young person that everyone experiences these feelings, but they still need to be dealt with appropriately.

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It could also help to involve the young persons parents or carer is issues are major. this way everyone is on the same page and strategies that are being used in school could be followed at home to.

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