Advertisement publicize a product are: – newspaper ads,


Advertisement is the most popular method used to gain attention of customers towards a particular product. Advertisement is also a good medium for new companies to make themselves known in the market. Different sellers use different forms of advertisement to broadcast their new products. Some of the most common platforms used to publicize a product are: – newspaper ads, television, radio, social media, flyers and many more. Advertisement is beneficial in providing all the essential and useful information about every latest product due to which most of the audience take it as a good thing. In the following paragraph we will discussing the positive as well as negative impact of advertisement on people.

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Advertisement has many advantages not only for sellers but also for the customer by making them aware about a new product in a market which in turn helps to builds a contact between a seller and a customer. Major benefits of publicizing are: – eliminating the intermediators which helps both the parties like manufacturer can have enjoy more share of profits and consumers can purchase a product at more reasonable prices. Secondly, more competition in the market benefits customers as they get better quality products. It also supports the salesmanship as the efforts of salesperson is greatly benefits with the introduction of advertisement it has rightly been said that selling and advertising are cup and saucer, hook and eye.

Every coin has two sides we have discussed the positive aspect of it now its time to analyze the other side of coin that is the negative impact of advertisement on the customers, market as well as on the country. Advertisement mainly have a negative influence on the small aged children and the youth. Advertisements on junk food and alcoholic drinks attract more teenagers than advertisement on nutritional is because that these advertisements made more attractive which catch children’s attention easily, they like to eat more junk food which lead to many health diseases like obesity and many more. Same with the alcohol when teenagers continuously watch advertising promoting alcohol, they also want to try that and also get addicted to it which is not only good for teenagers but also for the country as they are the future of our country.
In addition to it, according to professor John Cohen advertisement always tell the half truth they never tell us the negative side of the product. Which sometime violates the feeling of customers, for instance Ads promoting latest smart phones are so intrusive even if customer can’t afford that one, they want to purchase it as they are so influenced with the advertisement showing so many features of it.

To summarize, it can be said that advertisement has many advantages but its disadvantages overweight’s them. Customers should be careful in analyzing whether that specific product is good for them or not. They should not be influenced by these ads which lead to misbalancing their budget for those products they don’t even need. On the other hand, manufacturer should promote products with all necessary information. instead of advertising products which are harmful for health or for our country we should focus on promoting more useful ads like showing planting trees which helps in reduction of deforestation and pollution it also helps in promoting green and clean environment. You tube is nowadays a most tending social site used for promotions. We can post many useful videos like promoting homemade food instead of fast food , say no to alcohol , No smoking on public places and so on.

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