Advertising am going to analyse commercial of Burger

Advertising is a strategy utilized by companies to persuade the customers to purchase their items, moreover the companies must have essential procedures of doing as such and furthermore utilizes different techniques. Advertising is constantly presented; however, individuals may not know about it. Currently, advertising utilizes each conceivable media to get its message through. It does this through TV, print (daily papers, magazines, diaries and so forth), radio, squeeze, web, coordinate offering. Advertising can likewise be utilized to send a notice, or a message importance isn’t just utilized in business, however it is very well may be utilized to bring issues to light. In this task I am going to analyse commercial of Burger King taking a gander at strategies that are utilized by the Burger King company. The advertisement uses the subject that says Burger King. ‘It just tastes better’ meaning Burger King’s hamburger is delicious than the other hamburgers. Burger King poster now making rounds online for something called super seven incher ”fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled” (Nudd 2009) promising that you will want more after eating some.
Purpose of advertisement
The reason for this visual ad I supposing it was to attract men’s attention and influence them to attempt this seven-inch-long hamburger.
The approach
The approach method used is soft selling. According to Investopedia soft selling refers to an advertising and sales approach that features subtle language and a non-aggressive technique. The subtle IT’LL BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY, suggesting that hamburger’s deliciousness it will surprise you.
Colour is powerful because it can influence our buying mood. According to Philosophy Communication, yellow is associated with energy, happy, joy, warming attention, and the mood aggravation, joy. In figure 1 colour yellow suggest that the women she is on aggravate mood.
Body language
Body language is personal and group characteristics including facial expressions, tone of voice and body movements. (Ghira 2014). In figure 1 you can see young beautiful woman with short hair and red lipstick, with her mouth and eyes wide open stating directly at seven-inch-long hamburger. Which indicates that she is so anxious to eat hamburger, this urge buyers to purchase the item
Composition is a technique refers to the arrangement or placement of visual elements in a work of art. The arrangement in this advertisement placed a product opposite to each other so that we will be able to see both a product and woman.
In this assignment I discovered that advertising agency utilize various viewpoints to persuade buyers to purchase their item using diverse stages, for example, magazine, daily papers, radio, and so on moreover, companies must utilize persuading angles and the vital aspect is chasing phrase since it can determine whether the consumer want to read further or not. Also, consumers must be able to visualise the item that has been advertised. What I take from this is companies trigger us. Advertising agency must be smart and knowledgeable about advertising

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