AIMST UNIVERSITY Faculty of Allied Health Professions Guidelines

AIMST UNIVERSITY Faculty of Allied Health Professions Guidelines for Presentation of Assignments Assignment In order for the person to be able to mark and give fair and accurate assessment, students are required to standardize their work. This will enable the marker to follow the students work easily, and able to concentrate with distraction of poor writing or disordered pages. Guidelines for Assignment Mention the name, batch, year and semester in the header section, so that it appears an all the pages. Use Arial with font size 10 or New Times Roman with font size 12. All margins 2.5cm Line spacing minimum 1.5 lines Ensure that spelling and grammar is correctly utilized. Stay within the word limits.(Minimum 1000 maximum 1100) The word count should include all words in the main body of the assignment (including a, the etc). DO NOT count the words in reference list Do not take the print of assignment. Send via AIMST e learning student portal Never copy the sentences from book or internet resources. One chance will be given to resubmit if you the similarity index is more than 25, before five days from the date of submission of assessment. Do not ask the instructor to check the assignment before the submission.(If asked it deducts marks by 2) Go directly to the answer, assignment need not have Introduction, body and conclusion. Justify the answers by giving correct explanations, flow chart and diagrams. Eg if stone cannot float, it is because of gravity acting on the stone downwards. The stone cant float because of weight of the stone acts downwards. Because stone does not have any air pockets as seen in floaters. Department of Physiotherapy 6
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