Al warming contributed to Hurricane Katrina’s severity. Being

Al Gore stars in an inconvenient truth is a documentary that includes data about climate change globally. In the beginning, he somewhat lays the foundation for the presenting of the film by outlining his personal involvement with the issues of the environment and including how he came up with the idea to create an inconvenient truth. He also includes his personal goals which involve trying to better the environmental health. He wishes that in striving toward this common goal, everyone will put their differences to the side.
Al Gore traveled around the country and world for about 6 years talking to people about global warming. He realized global warming was becoming a big issue for many people, he targets people who want to know about global warming. In order to get audiences attention Gore uses visuals and techniques. He includes the fact that CO2 measurements are higher than ever and if there is no change scientist projects dangerous increases. He uses pictures of known landmarks that progressively get worse.
He puts global warming contributed to Hurricane Katrina’s severity. Being that the hurricane was considered category one and hit Florida and got stronger once it reached New Orleans. Gore showed a stat that showed the top 10 hottest years in the past 14 years and 2005 was the hottest. This directly affects the ocean and ultimately produces stronger storms such as tornadoes, typhoons, and etc. Viewers were astonished to hear this information due to us ignoring global warming warnings even though there is clear evidence.
Gore adds in that this is more so of a moral issue than a political issue. He puts in that if we let global warming happen then it is deeply unethical. He decides to add authority figures in order to get his point across. Gore is an authority role in the documentary due to his knowledge of the environment is looked up to. His continuous research and him being a political figure and former vice president of the U.S. He uses other authority such as scientific studies, pictures, and little informative videos.
Gore events in his personal life that tugs at the audiences heart strings. He uses things like his candidacy against president George W. Bush and how he became interested in global warming. He involves life changing events that involve his son and his best friend. He also includes a clip of himself when he was younger to make himself more relatable to the audience. He added how he had to cope with the loss of his best friend who passed away from smoking and tied it to global warming.
This showed the audience that he also has to deal with hardships in his life just like we did. The big part he included was the way he got involved in the topic of global warming. He says it stems from a picture he was shown in his college class by a professor. He added in that this professor was also a scientist. The professor would show his findings and statistics to him and fellow classmate and he was captured by this instantly.
Gores main reasoning for the documentary was to bring people’s attention to global warming and the effects it has had on earth. It shows the effects global warming will have in the future if we do not change. He wanted people to be aware of the situation and cause an immediate change. He believes we could come together to overcome global warming like we have done with war and other countless task that were deemed impossible. He wanted to make alternative ways we can bring carbon emissions to zero.
Alternatives were things like a change in the way electricity is used, a change in cars we use, and items that we purchase. Change is believed to be something necessary to get across to people. We could buy items such as energy efficient light bulbs, plant trees, switch to renewable energy sources when possible, increase the insulation, walk or ride a bike instead of driving your car, or vote for people who want to solve global warming.

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