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Al Capone once said, “Once you’re in a racke, you’re in it forever” (Capone).

 When someone thinks about the Mobs and Mafias, they think prohibition(bootlegging), drugs, money, and Al Capone. What people don’t know is the effect and the role of the Mobs and Mafia that played in society. The Mobs and Mafias was more than a important fragment in the 1920’2 and 1930’s, but instead it was part our lives from the past and present. Not many people understand the structure of the Mobs and mafia and how and why it was created.

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These organized gangs we know was a crazy self organized underground government. First thing that comes up in people mind about Chicago, known as scarface, a ruthless man, a killer, cold hearted, crazy man. Some maybe true, but in reality no one knows the real Al Capone. In order to have a fuller and deeper understanding of Al Capone, one must consider his past, his role in Chicago Outfit, the rules he made, the underground organization he created, St Valentine’s day Massacre and his death.In essence, by Bernstein, Scott M,”Chicago Outfit.

” American Mafia History, “January 25, 1947, having spent the last years of his life battling mental illness in quiet retirement at his Palm Island estate in Miami, Florida. He was only 48 but left a legacy that still resonates today, his name forever embedded in pop culture lore as the first true celebrity gangster.”  by reviewing Al Capone life, we was known to be a troublemaker. The  Mob Museum explains, “Al Capone was born in Brooklyn on January 17, 1899, to Italian immigrants Gabriele and Teresina Capone.

His father cut hair for a living; his mother sewed. While two of his brothers went on to join him in bootlegging, a third became a federal agent.” Also Bernstine, scott, M also mention about Capone, “After hitting a teacher, Capone was expelled from school at 14.”  During this time, he went with a small time gang called Bowery Boys and Junior Forty Thieves. Eventually, Capone join the Five Point gang. The Five point gang was in lower Manhattan.

Capone soon fell in a trap of Giovanni, known as “Papa Johnny”  Bernstine stated that, “Torrio, owner of a Brooklyn billiards hall and leader of a criminal syndicate involved in gambling, prostitution and opium trafficking.” Therefore, this show that he was raised in a big well cultured family, but also causing trouble, that leads his well known personality in the Chicago Outfit. Al Capone was raised in  a well respect his family, but it didn’t stop him being a rebel. his  past shows that his attitude and his action was similar to the Al Capone Divino today who used to be the leader of Chicago Outlet. Al Capone never really had health issues or anything that was wrong with him he was a rebel and young boy who wanted to show people that he’s tough but he’s not scared. Fundamentally, to have a better and clear understanding of the Chicago Outfit, Dr. Johnson, Wayne, “THE CHICAGO MOB VS. CHICAGO STREET GANGS” He explained the basic foundation of Chicago Outfit, “The Chicago Outfit is just that, traditional organized crime.

 It is not the Mafia; it has always been very diverse and operates under the principals of Southern Italian organized crime.Until the late 1950s, it was considered a local problem with little federal intervention. Prohibition turned it into a very profitable and well-run organization but reform movements of the 1920s caused protection agreements to break down, leading to open warfare on the streets of Chicago. Again, we see that as the Mobs changed on the Chicago landscape, the murder rate changed. The Chicago Mobs were responsible for 594 murders from 1920 to 1929.

From 1930 to 1939, the Chicago Mobs were responsible for 325 murders.” (Dr. Johnson, Wayne)Mobs are a very organized group and establishment. Mostly Mob doesn’t sell drugs or do drugs, but they mostly bootleg(Illegal Alcohol) or steal clothes from trucks and sell them. Also, the Mobs didn’t really like the laws and rule that the Government made for people.

The Mobs wanted a more self- reliable Government to themselves. Mobs in mafia work in a very similar structure by creating A family structure. What I mean by structure I mean by class, organization and the rules. First the Boss, second the underboss Third the vice boss, fourth soldiers and lastly associates. Mobs and mafias are very well organized crime and organization.  therefore it’s harder for public people to understand the basics and a secret information of these mafias and mobs people, since they’re so well-hidden to the public eye. In essence, The mafia Musume stated”Alphonse Gabriel “Scarface” Capone led Chicago’s Mafia during its Prohibition heyday, rising from obscurity as a Brooklyn tough to become the best-known mobster in America. Capone’s empire encompassed illegal liquor, gambling and prostitution in Chicago during the 1920s.

He reaped a reputation among many as the most violent man in the country while convincing others he was just a businessman supplying a service to a thirsty public.Hundreds of people were killed on his orders, and he murdered several himself, but he was never convicted of a violent crime.”  Many of you are probably wondering where did the nickname Scarface came along. The Mafia Museum explains that, “In 1917 Capone was hired as a bartender at the Harvard Inn, a Coney Island tavern owned by Torrio’s partner, Frankie Yale. It was there that Capone earned his famous nickname: He made a lewd pass at a woman, and her brother cut him three times across the left side of his face. Fellow hoods took to calling him “Scarface,” though not in his presence.” Al Capone wasn’t a fan of the nickname Scarface because he hated it.  people know if use call Al Capone Scarface consequences what happened and it would not end up being pretty.

According to Mafia Musume, they stated, “Throughout the early 1920s, Capone and Torrio built a powerful liquor business centered on the South Side and the neighboring town of Cicero. They competed primarily against the North Side Gang led by Irish-American mobster Dean O’Banion. Capone quickly built a corrupt political machine to back him, laying siege to Cicero, where he rigged elections and installed a puppet government in 1924. That year, O’Banion, learning one of his breweries was about to be raided, sold it to Torrio.

Torrio ended up in jail and vowed revenge. He got it: O’Banion was gunned down in his flower shop a few months later. All-out war followed, and Capone reaped the rewards. O’Banion’s men tried to assassinate Torrio but failed. The experience convinced him he’d had enough, and he quit, handing the reins to Capone.” Chicago Outfit.” American Mafia HistoryThis explains, how Al Capone was able to gain power and to move in ranks.

 Torrio,  would probably the main reason I’ll Capone was able to become boss till this day. Also when I’ll Capone became a leader there’s a lot of conflicts and issues. according to the mafia Museum they stated that, “Capone now had his hands on a racketeering empire that pulled in $100 million a year. Revenue came from gambling, prostitution, and extortion, but mostly from booze.

The Chicago Outfit  continued to battle the North Side Gang, now run by George “Bugs” Moran. Moran tried to kill Capone more than once but always failed . Moran and his men killed two of Capones top Mobster. Capone was mad and used violence.  According to the Mafia Museum, they stated that, “The assassins announced a “raid,” lined seven North Side men against a wall, and shot them to pieces. But Moran, who was running late, missed his own execution.”  Soon this event these to the st.

Valentine Massacre. this shows that I’ll Capone didn’t have a very relaxing and chilling type of mob. he had a lot of conflicts with a lot of others Mafia azimov due to the fact that he has more money and he has more power.  Many of those leaders try to take over Al Capone’s role and trying to gain more power throughout the United States. Therefore it made Al Capone a hot-tempered man and a very protective person to himself.

 He’s willing to risk anything to protect his mob, his people, his family and himself from other mafias and mobs.As the result of this, Burnstine, Scott M, stated, “Unable to craft a successful criminal prosecution against him, the federal government set its sights on Capone’s finances. In 1931, he was convicted of tax evasion for failing to pay more than $200,000 in back income taxes and sentenced to 11 years in prison. He served his time in correctional facilities in Atlanta and California, including a three-year stint in the island prison of Alcatraz. Capone’s entrance physical exam with prison doctors in Atlanta revealed he had syphilis, the disease that eventually incapacitated him following his release.” ” His wife, Mae, and his brother Ralph “Bottles, were Capone were his primary caretakers. Capone mobsters and family the visits him before death.  Bernstine, Scott, M announced that, “The final week of Capone’s life was a touch-and-go affair.

He suffered a minor stroke on January 21 and contracted pneumonia in his immediate recovery. Two days later, he had a heart attack. Finally, Capone died in his sleep surrounded by his family in the evening hours of January 25. His body was transported back to Chicago to be buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery.” Many people cheered for his death and moaned for his death. Al Capone was never born Chicago but his home and his memory and successful business all was created in Chicago.  many people remembered him as a ruthless man a criminal, but some others may see him as an outlaw to Chicago citizens.

 in the end people see Al Capone in many different ways and to views. In conclusion, we as people may I understand a fragment of Al Capone’s life. But many of those fragments are still hidden till this day. A; Capone is a very mysterious man and always will be.

We begin to understand his rules, his past, the Chicago outfit,  st. Valentine Massacre and his death, but still don’t know the rest. even if you knew all those fragments and each of his memories, we will never understand the real Al Capone except only himself. Mob law is the most forcible expression of an abnormal public opinion, it shows the society is rotten to the core.  “I’ve had to do a lot of things I don’t like to do. But I’m not as black as I’m painted.

I’m human. I’ve got a heart in me.” by Al Capone. Works Cited Binder, John J.

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