Alan Moore’s novel, “V for Vendetta,” presents a

Alan Moore’s novel, “V for
Vendetta,” presents a succinct account of a man who maintains a resolve to
correct the societal wrongs he experiences. Set in a dictatorial England, the
society faced diverse challenges relating to government’s control or
dictatorship (Moore, 3). The populace is vastly affected by the high power and
control by the government. It is a society marred by the devastating effects of
war and fascist dictatorial means of governance. Moore’s central theme in the
novel is that of freedom and how it is compromised by anarchy. The government
infringes the fundamental entitlements that the citizens have an entitlement.  V’s reactions to counter the government’s
dictatorial ideals represents a quest for freedom pursued by many others in the
society who maintain their resolve to have their rights.

            The Norsefire government is depicted
as that which limits the freedom of its citizens by executing frequent arrests
that are not justified. In an attempt to deter the population from being
enlightened, the Norsefire government limits them from reading (Itzkoff, 17).

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This is a dictatorial strategy to ensure the people are not informed of their
rights and, therefore, do not question the government’s conduct. The justice
system in the Norsefire government is discriminative based on citizens’ sexual
orientation. Discrimination based on an individual’s skin color is equally
prevalent in the novel. Elderly people are brutally subjected to gas chambers
by the government operatives to die. Propaganda is part of the strategies
applied by the Norsefire government to advance its dictatorial rule. Its
broadcasting is through the infamous “Voice of Fate” which promotes none
tolerance. Every citizen who dares to request for his or her freedom is
regarded a rebel. Moore depicts diverse perspectives of freedom in 

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