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Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”. This education is crucial in developing the moral quality in students after graduation. The four years spent in undergraduate school will leave an imprint on the quality of one’s characters and goals in the future. I believe every citizen with a quality morality will have a duty to strive to make improvements in society so that everyone is given equality. This being said, I believe that a CWRU graduate has the responsibility to take part in making improvements towards a just society. I believe that because the mission of Case Western Reserve University is to educate its graduates, a CWRU graduate will be educated to strive to help lead to a just society. While a CWRU graduate should not be expected to create a just society on their own, I believe each graduate’s main goal in each of their careers will be related to improving society. Whether it be improving one’s own outlook, or generously helping others in times of need, just one small improvement can lead to larger changes which lead to a just society, which is why it is important for each CWRU graduate to feel as though they should work towards a better society.The graduate must first learn, extensive studies of humanities and scientific knowledge, and improve themselves using this extensive knowledge. At CWRU, they will have taken an active part in the community and be able to use their experiences in order to work towards improving societal equality. A CWRU should understand the different characteristics of various environments as a person’s success depends on the quality of the individual, but also on the environment you are facing. For example, making improvements on societal justness in a hospital may be very different from doing the same in a school. Therefore, it is necessary for graduate to recognize their quality characteristics, but also to understand the environment. This is crucial as the societal environment can only be transformed when one understands it. After the graduate is submerged into the professional community, a sense of responsibility and professional behavior is expected as the graduate is now one out of many people who are trying to work toward a just society.Additionally, it is important for the CWRU graduate have is to establish good relationship in order to establish a just society.  Communication is important for making improvements and working with others to establish justice. A just society will benefit everyone, not just one person which is why it is a community effort which will be crucial to success in creating a just society. Furthermore, I believe the ability to properly handle relationships is also a manifestation of one’s morality and quality which is why this skill is important. To treat people with sincerity is the establishment of good interpersonal psychological guarantee. When we treat people honest, it is possible to establish good interpersonal relationships. Greater tolerance is the foundation for good relationships.  People in society have different ideas, concepts and personalities. Therefore, we must accommodate a wide range of people and learn  the skill of communication. I believe that this responsibility is not explicitly stated, but will be instilled in CWRU graduates as feel they have a moral duty to society.

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