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Last updated: June 7, 2019

Alcohol in America, specifically the use of alcohol is an infamous topic because of thepolarity within it. The use of alcohol in America has led to many contradicting opinions that haspressured the United States to act on this dilemma.

The 18th Amendment is a hopeful yet riskyoperation which is set to restrict the consumption of alcohol, and with that being, decrease theproblems that come with alcohol. Those who have been in favor of the 18th Amendment haveunrealistic goals such as decreasing violence and death rate.Alcohol is not by any standards a perfect beverage but its importance in society isundeniable. Alcohol is undoubtedly a huge aspect to many people’s lives because of how long ithas been relevant in America. The restriction of something so in-demand currently in Americacan lead to even bigger issues than the ones that are being caused right now by the consumptionof alcohol.

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The addiction and the consumption of alcohol is not positive but it remains to berealistically unchangeable because of the stubbornness of people.The business of alcohol has been very profitable and has been a great source of jobs inAmerica. Many Americans have been employed in alcohol businesses for years, which havebeen their source of income to provide to their family. With the banning of alcohol, theunemployment in America will increase as well as the poverty.The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League are just a few of themany ignorant movements that believe that the 18th Amendment will solve all problems thatcome with alcohol being legal in the United States.

The abrupt banning of something so indemand can lead to many thought out repercussions. Due to the popularity of alcohol in society,many addictions have been developed over time; most probably, not every single person will bewilling to conform to the 18th Amendment considering their resistant addictions. Consumers ofalcohol are not part of an anomaly, their acts are very popular and when the demand is high onsomething so popular by large amounts of people, they will be willing to break the law to get it.The increase of illegal alcohol and the smuggling of alcohol is a huge possibility if the 18thAmendment turns into reality. Also, a huge inconvenience will be set to responsible alcohol-drinkers which will have to succumb to the illegal ways of getting alcohol. Riots and unpleasedcitizens will also be another unsurprising possibility of the 18th Amendment turns into reality.The problems that alcohol may indirectly cause are undeniable, in the last couple ofyears, the homicide rate increased to 10 per 100,000 population, a 78 percent increase over;whether alcohol is a direct cause or not, it may have some connection to it.

Alcohol comes withproblems but the prohibition of it will lead to many more problems that we as a nation have notever faced. The risk of the 18th Amendment is too high. Rather than making a complete ban ofalcohol, awareness of the dangers of alcohol should be enhanced and should be widespreadthroughout the states.


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