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Aleemah Weish 902
Global Studies TYWLS Queens
The ancient Greeks contributed many ideas and discoveries that are used today in the Western civilization. During the Greeks Golden Age they had many developments in art, philosophy, politics, and social ways, which many are used in the Western world. Many of the Greeks innovations during its Golden Age helped improve and strengthen the Western society.
The Golden Age of Greece lasted from 500-300 BC, about 200 years which have given us art, philosophy and politics that had become building blocks of the Western civilization. An innovation from the Greeks Golden Age used in the Western civilization is the democratic government system. The democratic government system first started in the Athen city- state by one of its most famous leaders Pericles. In Document 3, it states ” Our plan of government favors many instead of few; that is why it is called a democracy… While every citizen has an equal opportunity to serve the public, we reward our most distinguished citizens by asking them to make our political decisions…A man may serve his country no matter how low his position on the social scale.” In 510 BC in Athens this was the first government system introducing the fact that the people opinion could determined their leader and to finally have a voice in who their leader was. In the Western civilization, the government is a democracy where the people opinions are heard and used to favor the majority not the minority. Democracy is ” the government of the people” which started in the Athens during Greeks Golden Age which contributed to the development of politics in the western civilization.
The Golden Age also contributed into the development of art. In Document

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