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Racism is the
belief that various races determine individual or cultural achievement, most
especially involving the idea that one race is superior than the others. Race
is a set of genetic which is biologically characterized and area related. Media
is one of the influence on racism and has the big effect the view o different
races. The media is made up of newspaper, television, magazines, radio and
film. Racism is not only fueled by people but also the media.

What is racism and it’s
effect on the news media?How does television
influence racism ?How does the internet
promote racism ?Is racism real?

Television, internet, radio, newspaper and
magazines  are the easiest way to leak
racism globally. Every media across the entire world has a very racist point


Television, radio and
newspaper and their influence on racism

Television as a major
tool used to spread racism

 (According to Smith, J. and Thakore, B, 2016). Television shows, there is less interracial and pooled
ethnic groups resulting from having actors of one race on every television show.
While  most of the shows being of white
people the media has biased against the black people, portraying those who
appear in this shows  r as idiots.the BBC
and the CNN has biased against the black as some of the news reported on the African continent are on civil wars weakening their image and reputation.

While children are very easy to impact
the media has affected them by showing them one race. This has created negative
thoughts towards other ethnic groups. The stereotype portrayed in the media
through this shows has resulted to prejudiced and close mind among the children. (Race and news. 2012).


Crime and abortion

Crime and abortion is
considered to be higher among some ethnic groups thus creating bias against others.

News shows that USA former secretary,
makes some comments about black abortion and crime. The news stereotypes black
people as criminals thus creating even more racism in the media (Bjornstrom,
Eileen E. S., Robert L. Kaufman, Ruth D. Peterson, and Michael D. Slater). The portrayal
of African American maybe biased as the news shows that if you wanted to reduce
crime, you could abort every black baby most crime in the America are said to
be committed by black people.

According to. (Meyers, M, 2013). Articles in the newspaper are often biased against black and Muslims as cases of kidnap and terrorism are believed to be committed by both
black people and Muslims. The media focus on the disappearance of attractive
white women when numerous cases of missing black and Muslim women gain little
or no attention.



Diversity of different races in the media


Lack of more races
being represented in the media staff has caused misinterpretation of minorities
in the newsroom.

Various media groups have
biased against the black people by having little or no representation in the TV shows for instances in the CNN. Algezira, and BBC. Lack proper
representation of the minority in the newsroom has promoted racism, the stereotype adds to little and no coverage and misrepresentation of the interest
groups in  the news (Smith, J. and Thakore, B. 2016).

The stereotype against the
minorities by the media is also evident in the movies. Some  of this movies include “hustle and flow”,”
Friday” and “Boyz n the hood”. The three movies happens in a bad parts of the
city  refereed to as ghetto with all the characters using illegal drugs,having 
illegal jobs, being in some criminal activities and with none speaking
proper English. This stereotype depicts the African Americans as lazy, jobless
stupid and drug dealers.(Schemer, C.,Mthews, J, & Wirth, W. 2012}


The image of the media is
harmful and could create a barrier between ethnicity and races. The media
should therefore diversify their coverage and staff representation so as to
curb racism.







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