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Although all children are most likely to test boundaries for behaviour, it is imperative for staff to be consistent with their response and as this will make children realize that the response will not change and they will be less likely to repeat it. Rules should be carried out the same for everyone, if two pupils are chatting in lesson when they shouldn’t be, it’s important that members of staff give both pupils the same punishment or explain why one child is in more trouble than the other. If a child feels as though they are being targeted becasue they are in more trouble than the other child, this could cause a lot of conflict which will result in the student lashing out and carrying out bad behaviour. By not showing favoritism and giving out unfair/unexplained punishments will made children feel as though they are not good enough which will make them feel anger and resentment which will promote bad behaviour. Making sure that the same rules and same consequences applies to every child, and if one child is more at fault than the other it is vital that they are told why they are at fault. This will make them realise why they are in more trouble and the rest and understand their mistake rather than feeling unjust and angry for feeling that they are being directly targeted.

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