Although gained significant knowledge in analyzing and

Although my previous college did not have University of Michigan’s range of courses, student groups, and labs, I did gain significant training and appreciation for architecture. Each professor was passionate and enthusiastic to work hard in helping all individuals gain patience, emotional connection, and confidence. Everything I learned will be beneficial for me in the long run through the complex field of architecture. After completing my two-year program at Oakland Community College, I received an offer from Champion Home Builders Inc. Champion is a residential company working in manufactured homes, modular homes and mobile homes. I am responsible for updating construction drawings such as electrical and production plans using Auto-CAD. I have constructed base cabinets, and wall cabinets in 3D. Throughout the eight months of working at the company, I have gained significant knowledge in analyzing and assessing problems, giving attention to detail and being socially aware in different situations. Acquiring these skills will not only help me in the future but at U of M as well. Throughout my journey, I have learned to challenge myself in order to visualize and achieve everything I have to offer. In the end, I still have many lessons left to learn and accomplish. The skills I still need to obtain begin with time management, patience, and building stronger design skills. Time management became something I struggled with in my design courses. It was always difficult for me to be proactive with my time. It took time for me to learn to limit distractions, schedule out my week, and realize that I will not finish everything in one night, but instead figure out what’s more important and choose what I can realistically accomplish. As for building stronger design skills, I plan to learn how to identify great design and improve my own style. The staff and students I met during the campus visit, prospective transfer workshop and portfolio workshop showed me how much potential the students have in order to achieve their goals. During the prospective transfer workshop, professors expressed interest to their partnership with the students and with the work. From various labs and workshops to student groups, there are many opportunities for me that will allow me to achieve guidance and appreciation for architecture. I am eager to gain experience and grow my knowledge in the architecture program. I look forward to cooperating with the professors and students towards being a valuable and motivated member of University of Michigan’s architecture program. 

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