Although – improving company culture and providing

Although modifications have been adapted, humans remain responsible for ensuring safety and rules and regulations are being adhered to. The results and findings from this study could possibly have applications in the industry that could encourage organisations to consider implementation for improved airworthiness of aircraft, decrease the severity of impacts, improved accessibility to materials, tools and equipment, and even for an enhanced management. Organisations must continue to be knowledgeable, adaptable, dedicated, effective and – improving company culture and providing support for staff while exercising good judgment. This study will promote this while emphasising the importance of industry’s continuity to invest in trainings, equipment, and systems that have long-term implications as technology continues to advance rapidly. This project is executed to deliver real-world recommendations founded from data found on the investigation of BAC One- Eleven G-BJRT, supported by primary and secondary data including published records, journals, articles, and a practical experiment to gather primary data.

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