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Although in the medical centre Laser Medical Institute de Madrid we have different types of laser to eliminate tattoos successfully, these are not erased from one day to the next, so the specialists of the IML Dermatology Unit recommend not getting a tattoo by impulse and reflect on the following ten tips:1. AVOID POLITICAL, IDEOLOGICAL OR RELIGIOUS SYMBOLSWe can all evolve. Our tastes, ideas and current lifestyle can radically change in the future, where certain symbols can recall a stage of the past with which we no longer feel so identified.2. AVOID PROPER NAMESA tattoo with the name of another person or his initials can generate conflicts with possible future partners.3. AVOID MAKING THE TATTOO IN A VISIBLE AREACertain professions, such as the Security Forces of the State or those whose activity consists of face-to-face attention, do not allow visible tattoos, so it is recommended to avoid tattoos on the face, neck, arms, wrists and ankles.4. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE DEPTH AND DENSITY OF THE INKProfessional tattoos use inks of high permanence, of higher density and depth, so that, in case the patient decides to eliminate it in the future, it will require a higher number of sessions of laser treatment.5. CHOOSE AN AUTHORIZED CENTERThe centre that we choose to get the tattoo must be authorised by the Register of symbols and micro pigmentation establishments (Decree 35/2005, of March 10). The authorisation number must be in a visible place and guarantees that the current regulations are complied with. Also, we must look at the state of the installation and its cleanliness.6. CHOOSE AN ACCREDITED PROFESSIONALThe technician who is going to make the tattoo must be a specialised professional, with an accredited degree from the different Autonomous Communities about the prevention of hygienic-sanitary risks, or to be licensed in Nursing, Medicine or Superior Technician in Aesthetics. Besides, you should be vaccinated against tetanus and hepatitis B.7. SUITABLE DEVICES AND CONSUMABLESThe tattoo machines and the consumable material must comply with the legislation in force (RD 1599/1997, additional provision 2 of RD 209/2005 and RD 414/96, further rule 5). All content must be unsealed and discarded in front of the patient. Also, the centre must have a waste collection service.8. APPROVED INKSThe dyes must meet a series of rigorous safety standards, both at European and national level. For example, they must not contain substances harmful to health or preservatives and must remain sterilised until they are applied. The patient can ask for a list of the pigments that will be used to contrast them with the substances that are allowed and those that are not.9. REQUEST AN INFORMATIVE APPOINTMENTThe tattoo artist must inform us about the complications and contraindications of the tattoo, the care that must be applied before and after, and the obligation to sign an informed consent.10. ASK FOR AN ALLERGY TESTThe allergy test is essential to avoid dermatitis, tumours and skin reactions to ink. It also requires informed consent. It consists of applying a patch in a non-visible area and, if after 48 hours there is no reaction, the patient can be tattooed.Our dermatologists have extensive experience in the treatment of tattoo removal. If you wish, you can request a free informative consultation for more information:

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